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basiclly ive been looking up solutions on the internet for the past couple of days and heard exposing the head in a bath full of salt water and putting toilet paper over the head, putting it in cold alcohol and putting fish oil on it and rubbing it, but the only one ive tried is when not erect, (not hard) i pull my foreskin back in my boxers and just walk about and stuff, what i usually do... im 13 years old and well im 5ft9 im got pubic hair round my scrotom and penis. so everything is okay but i still cant cum. i keep trying to stop masterbating for 9-12 days but im addicted the feeling of precum. and is there anything wrong with a 4 1/2 inch penis? please help on all problems,



Yeah. Stop masterbating. That's your key. 13 is alittle young.. maybe your body is not generating what it should be yet.
Infact when I was 13 I didn't cream that much either..