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This is a really important question for me because .. well you'll see as i build it up and ask it. Im 14 year olds and a have a deep voice im talking bout a man voice. I have the deepest voice in the whole high-school and it wasn't always that deep meaning puberty hit me. My penis is 2 inches long and when erected it grows to 5.5 or 6 its 1.5 inch in thickness. I like to believe its a good penis but I don't know. I have pubic hair and actually started growing some in sixth grade or by the end of it along with my mustache which isn't that thick but its noticeable, i also grew armpit hair so all those 3 in 6th grade. I have pimples not a lot.. just like 3 or 4 small ones but still i like to think ive hit puberty and im done with it. Ive had sex at the age of 13 and didn't ejaculate (sex only lasted 3 minutes because her mom got home sooner and we had to stop.) Its the only time ive ever had sex but im still very sexually active. Ive done oral a lot with my now new girlfriend and even put my tip in hdf vagina and a bit more into her and 3 more girls so yeah... I used to jerk off but it didn't feel good to me like not at all i thought it was useless and much rather prefer my girl jerk me. In all of my sexual encounters ive never actually ejaculated. Like never. Sometimes its pre ejaculation but never the thick sperm substance. Its always clear white and even when i used to jerk off not even pre ejaculation would come out. I've grown scared because well? What if it means i cant have kids? Or ill never be able to cum? I have wet dreams but that's about it. I checked myself with the doctor.. i didn't ask him this question because i was embarrassed. But he said that i was in level 3 out of level 5 that i still had more to develop before i become a man. Im very confused because well.. what the hell! I have a deep deep deeeeep voice i have pubic hair like a b***h mustache noticeable as f**k grew 4 inches in the last 2 years but still no sperm! Please help me! What does this mean? What do i do?


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Hi what it means is your a perfectly healthy teen that's still developing and going through puberty.

If your having sex then I hope your being responsible and using condoms as protection because I'm sure your don't want to end up with a kid to look after and support for the next 16 years of your life at only 14.

Be safe and use condoms not only do they protect against pregnancies but also protect against STD's, STI's and HIV that can have life changing effects!