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I have been taking Cymbalta for a long time.....over 8 years....Now I am suddenly having night sweats. I have no hormone problems according to my gyn but I am close to 40. My dr. thinks it's the Cymbalta. Does anyone know why I would have sudden night sweats from Cymbalta when i have never had them before. I do not believe this is the cause, so that is why I am concerned. It could be something more serious. Thanks.


I just finished reading the most common side effects of Cymbalta, and one of them was sweating. Not to worry, it might be that. But, after your 8 yrs. of taking it, I would think the sweating would have began earlier. If you are overweight, that will make you sweat a lot, also. My Dr. wants me to start taking Cymbalta for my Fibromyalgia, but, I have read so many posts on it, that I don't think I want to take it. I hope your Dr. will check it out, and, if it is the Cymbalta, then have him try something else. I don't know why you were taking it, but, if it was for pain, then I would ask him about Tramadul or Naproxin. He had me on these but they didn't work. I have many friends who take these, and they work for them. Medications can affect people differently than others. For some they may work, and others not. Hope you get better.