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19 m and i lose my erection during masterbating.. I can get erection and when i reach peak of erection i just start losing it and it keeps me worring and tensed ..and my masterbation remains uncomplete.. I get morning ercetns at times.. And also i am phimotic and dnt bother retracting my foreskin becoz its doesnt feel right to me... Plz help


It might be that you’re just losing interest in the sexual fantasies you employ during masturbation and may want to come up with new fantasies (or visual stimuli); it’s also very possible that you are experiencing a loss of sensitivity in the penis, which does occur in men. Try using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The KEY thing is that the cream include acetyl L carnitine; this substance is neuroprotective and can help to maintain penis sensitivity.  Good luck!