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I am 22 and at this time i have problem of erection as far as i can remember i hard successful sex but this days my organs go softly whenever i start enter my penis..what you think the problem


It’s enormously hard to guess at these things over the internet, as the reasons can be numerous and complicated. It may be simple boredom: perhaps you are just not “into” sex at the moment or your fantasies/partners do not thrill you. It could be physical, related to not enough sleep, bad diet, not enough exercise.  It could be stress or anxiety.  But the most common reason for erectile issues of this sort at tour age are psychological/emotional, and getting to the root of those problems requires working with  a professional.  One other possibility: you may have lost some sensitivity in your penis. Try using a first rate penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Look for one with acetyl L carnitine, which is helpful in maintaining penis sensitivity.  Good luck!