knowing the dangers, but I'm curious as to when the hot flashes, etc. will stop. I'll sometimes (like right now) start sweating for no reason, and feeling faint. I've heard effexor is used to treat fibromyalgia and OCD, as well as depression... and I've noticed an increase in my normally controllable ocd cleaning behavior. Also, I used to get racking pains through my body, which stopped during effexor and are now returning... is that fibromyalgia?
Also, I've had an almost full return of my rage and depressive symptoms, minus cutting, bulimia, and serious suicidal thoughts. Is it going to get any worse after one month?
Typing made me remember that, also, I'm having trouble with my hand coordination. I'm worse at typing than usual, and I have a tendency to drop things now. Is this something that will go away, or have I damaged my brain?
If it helps, I'm an 18 year old female.