My primary started me in 25 mcg fentanyl patch in early Feb 2014. She cranked up the dose to 75 mcg over a 3week period to "manage" my pain. Told me nothing about the dangers of this medication. Have been seeing a pain mgt doctor for 3 years with no meds prescribed by him. Primary did not tell him about giving me the Fentanyl. When I saw pain doc on May 6, he was very concerned about the Fentanyl and wanted me off of it. Weaned me down then we d/c it completely and started Nucynta 75 for pain. My system crashed when we quit the Fentanyl cold turkey, I was very sick with nausea, fatigue 24/7, crying, chills, hot flashes, shaking uncontrollably, anxiety, no motivation at work, memory problems. Saw pain doc 2 weeks into this and he prescribed adderall, b-12 injections, hot showers. It has helped, but I am almost at 2 months since we d/c the fentanyl and I am not much better. Adderrall is helping with focus and energy, but as pain doc explained, the fentanyl has attached to my cells and getting rid of it will take some time. Some days are okay, but most days are horrid. To make matters worse, I got wrote up at work for "deficiencies in my work performance", even though I provided medical documentation for the week I was off while dealing with the worst of this. When does this c**p get out of my system for good? I can't take much more of this. My husband is disabled and I have a young daughter who needs her momma. Now my job is in jeopardy. Feels like everything is falling apart. Thanks for listening. I appreciate any feedback.

Florida Mom