Please help me. I need answers. This will be kinda long so I'm sorry! So 7 days ago me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time. We were using a condom almost the whole time. But he penetrated me without a condom without me knowing (Don't worry we had a long serious talk about this! He will never do it again!) He was only inside without a condom for no longer than 45 seconds. He didn't ejaculate in me but I was scared I would still get pregnant by just precum. By the time we were done arguing all the pharmacies were closed so the next morning he got me plan b and I took it about 13 hours after we had sex. Now here's my questions: about an hour and a half after we had sex I started feeling slightly nauseous, not so much that I actually felt the need to throw up though. This continued into the morning of the next day. It stopped once I took the plan b. Why did that happen? My second question is: after taking plan b about 5 days later I started feeling nauseous again! And it's been going on for 2 days now! I'm scared. Why do I keep feeling nauseous for so long? Will it go away? I also haven't been spotting. Am I pregnant? Please help!