I wanted to post my experience because no one seems to have had a similar one. Even Plan B Hotline was confused.

I had protected sex in the early morning on Sunday June 18. Unfortunately, the condom slipped off inside me after he ejaculated and was pulling out.

I am not on birth control.

Tuesday evening, approximately 60 hours after the incident, i went to CVS and i took the Plan B. It did not make me nauseous, and i felt fine actually for about a week. After about a week i began to always feel like i had a tummy ache, like i needed to vomit but i never did.Tired, shaky and pretty panicky. i was grumpy for a good month. mood swings and just easily bothered.

exactly 10 days after taking the Plan B, i had a brown discharge. It was not the normal period consistency. literally looked like mud (or something that would come out your bum) but it was a very small amount. like, just wore a panty liner and it was no big deal... buuuuuuuut, this went on for a long time. 2 weeks exactly. Besides this brown sticky discharge, i was feeling great and had no other symptoms. i searched the internet but nothing mentioned this 2 week fiasco of weird discharge. So i called the PLAN B hotline. She worried me and made me feel like this 2 week long brown discharge is abnormal and that i needed to see a doctor immediately. So i did, and my doctor was not concerned and sent me home.

It is now July 12th. (24 days after sex, 21 days after taking plan b) If i had never taken PLAN B, my regular period should had arrived 5 days ago on July 7. But it did not appear.

I feel fine. Just eager to have my period. the anticipation was killing me.

I had found somewhere online of another womans experience, and she had some equation to estimate when your period should arrive (i cant find that equation anymore). I used that equation and it was pretty spot on. My period arrived August 4th (but was only 2 days long). so the last normal period i had was June 11th, and was now having a period august 4th. that is a 54 day cycle as opposed to my normal 28 day cycle. My next period after august came 29 days later on Sept 2nd and it was a normal 5 day period.

So, long story short.

  • brown discharge is normal
  • youre period will come 2 months late.
  • you will be fine.

But, i dont recommend the pill. It was a lot of worry and the nausea for the week was absolutely terrible. Easier and less worry to just be on birth control. Even if your like me and have sex like once a year lol.