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hi i am freaking out. me and my girlfriend have sex regularly we always use a condom. about 3 months ago we had sex and the condom broke and i ejaculated inside her. she was also on her period. the next day i went to three different pharmacies trying to find someone who would sell me the morning after pill since i am a man and she was too scared to do it. i finally found someone who would sell it too me and she took it within twelve hours of sex. we waited about two weeks and took a home test it came up negative. we were relieved. we waited another week and took another test it was negative, we started having sex again after this. about a month went by and she missed her period. we took another test it was negative. we thought maybe the plan b was messing up her cycle and didnt think too much of it. another month went by and still no period. we took two more tests and all negative, but we were still freaking out because we continued to have sex after the second negative test. also during that time, one time while we were having sex the condom slipped off half way through. we immediately stopped. i didnt ejaculate inside her. another month went by and still no period. we've taken 4 tests in the past two weeks and all negative. she says she feels sick all the time and she feels weird and is having symptoms of being pregnant. she is terrified of doctors and refuses to go to the gynecologist. i dont know what to do. i heard of this abortion pill and she wants me to get it but i know i wont be able to because im a man and she wont go into see the doctor. what do i do? is she pregnant? is the plan b still affecting her cycle after 3 months? is there any way i can get this pill without her? PLEASE HELP!! all responses are appreciated. thank you.


Hi Guest,

Plan B can affect her period for several months.  It can make her period early or late, it doesn't usually stop them however.  Taking it within 72 hours (12 you said) it is very effective.

The negative home tests are a good sign.  If she was three months pregnant the tests should be accurate. 

Unfortunately, she needs to see her gynecologist as she needs to find out why she isn't having her period.  It could be a hormonal problem.

DO NOT EVEN THINK of getting her an abortion pill.  She needs to be seen, by a doctor, before that can happen.  She will also need a follow up.  If the abortion is not complete it can endanger her health, her fertility, and her life.  Seriously, there are no safe "at home" abortions.

Get her to a doctor.  Good luck.