Hello, i'm TiAndria and i'm wondering could I be pregnant. I've read many articles about situations similar to mines. I got my BC on Oct 8, 2012. Me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex Oct 10, 2012 which is when I mightve conceived, I got BC so that we could have unprotected sex because we're only active w each other. I'm not gonna lie. we haven't reached the baby point but we're definitely ready if it happens. I didn't get a pregnancy test before I got the BC, I was not on my period and actually had it Sept 26-29. So I didn't study depo, if I had known what I know now it wouldn't be my choice. The shot immediately made me feel sick. So I have my period again about 2 wks later that lasted about 2-3 wks, a normal period last 4-5 days. My symptoms.. well me &my boyfriend both experienced what we thought was the stomach virus, both vomiting weak and couldn't keep any food down. I always often feel nauseous and threw up a few, fatigue. I'm finding myself much more tired, sleepy and not wanting to do much. I crave certain things I would never eat like mustard or a bread and peanut butter sandwich.. I eat more, I'm instantly hungry when i wake up. I never eat that fast. I've taken several tests it's ridiculous but all have been negative, in fact I took a first response this morning which was negative. I know something is different my body isn't normal. I've had no weight gain thou. I'm thinking at this point I need to have a sonogram, any advice? oh, I also read that some women who've became pregnant didn't know until 4 months later some even 6