So here's the deal. I was diagnosed with PCOS and haven't had much of a period since September. I was given 10 days of provera birth control to induce a period and started a period the third day of taking it. I stopped taking it and the following Sunday I began to take birth control but stopped after 4 days. A couple of days later on Dec. 29th i started to bleed again and had unprotected sex two days later while still bleeding very lightly. Three weeks later I had a few spots of blood and the following week on Jan. 29th I began what looked like a period. I had a large clot and pretty light bleeding. Some was red but it was more brown and pink. It was enough to fill 3 tampons within the 4 days I bled. I wasn't concerned since I was diagnosed with PCOS and this kind of thing is normal but since then I have been increasingly moody and feeling non stop bloating and a little nausea that has hit me pretty hard once or twice. Is there a possibility that this is just a side effect from going back and forth from birth control or could this be a pregnancy?