Hello all:

I have come off of Klonopin twice before, it is a brutal and painful drug to get yourself off of. I was taking it to help for sleep, primarily. Something interesting that I have found that seems to both help and address sleep issues, Sermorelin Acetate. It's not for the faint of heart since it's an injection, but it seemed to provide significant relief inadvertantly. You can search it on Google. My doctor started me on an anti-aging therapy to help with degeneration problems in my knees and also to address hormone related concerns. Ironically the last time I came off of Klonpin, the Sermolrein Acetate seemed to kill most of the symptoms. It's injected sub-Q if you can find a doctor to prescribe it. Many do it through online sites and I won't refer one just to be clean about my intentions. It promotes significant reponses with Non-Rem Sleep, allowing you to sleep far better and gain significant energy in the am. It's like GH (human growth hormone), however, it doesn't allow your pituitary to produce anymore GH than your body would under normal circumstances at its highest youthful levels. I was on Remeron for anxiety and depression and now feel no need to take it, even with seasonal depression. Just something of interest and I'd love feedback from anyone in a similar position that has tried it. I urge you to check with a doctor, this is not medical advice, rather an opinion of mine and I appreciate feedback from others to see if there's a correlation that can help people if you have tried the same therapy. You mix it yourself and inject it nightly with an insulin syringe, it's non-painful and completely easy to do, once you get over an initial fear of needles, which was hard for me. The withdrawal effects of Klonopin were the scariest feelings of my life and the need to have more was horrible after I came off of it. 4 mo's later, no urge to go back on and things seem to be getting drastically more clear and defined. The only headache with Sermorelin is that it costs about $350 a month, but it works wonders. Best of luck to all.