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Over the past several months, I had worked very hard at providing my clonazepam withdrawal experiences within another thread that had been in existence for several years. However what I have found in recent days is that the particular thread of which I speak can no longer be found via a search of clonazepam or Klonopin. I don't want anyone to think that I have all of the answers, but I feel that my withdrawal experience (a successful one) might help others at some point.

Because of this, I will attempt to go to the old thread (I've saved that link so I can access it) and then copy and past the information into this new thread. I will make no alterations in what I have written before from the old link which, by the way, was titled "how long do withdrawl symptoms last with Klonopin?".

Withdrawal from clonazepam (and its brand name of Klonopin) is truly awful. The posts that I have made previous and will now attempt to cut and paste into this new thread are quite long. But, I feel the information is worthwhile. This reconstruction of the my posts might take several days, so if you are reading this, please return for updates. My hope is that I do help others. You are not alone in your struggle.

March 8, 2011


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 001 (11/18/2010)

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV ... but I would like to add my experience to this posting which has been going on for, what appears to be, around four years, as I begin my addition to this posting. It will be my objective to come back to this posting and update it with my experience from time to time, as it is my hope that not only can I get off of clonazepam but, perhaps, provide some help to others through my experience.


I have suffered with night terrors (very BAD night terrors) since November 1991 (...yes, I can pinpoint the time that accurately). For those of you who do not know what night terrors are, trust me, you do not want to know. Since I want to focus on clonazepam, I will not dwell on the myriad ways that I have had to deal with the effects of night terrors (including sleeping on the floor for five years), and so I will simply state that once I finally started taking the drug clonazepam and got the right dosage (1 MG for me), the symptoms of night terrors So, does clonazepam work? Absolutely. Did the doctor tell me that it would start to eat away at my memory? No. And, that is why I must get off of the drug. By the way, the chief reason that I began having night terrors, I fully believe, is that my nervous system was severely compromised due to the work load and stress of my job, which was in the world of computers; more specifically IT support. Working 48-hour days over and over (quite literally) essentially destroyed my nervous system. I am no longer in that field as of one year ago. For full disclosure: I am 60 years old, as I begin this posting.


I did not realize how incredibly powerful this drug is in terms of addiction. A few months back (May), I tried to take myself off of the drug cold turkey. That did not work. What I have done now is enlisted the help of a board certified nutritionist (unfortunately I cannot give his name) who has been easing me off of clonazepam while building up the strength of my nervous system.


I started this process with my nutritionist on September 15, 2010.


With the help of my nutritionist, I started by taking 1 MG of clonazepam every other day, then continued to space out the days of taking the drug. Next I cut the pill in half and took .5 MG of the drug every other day. I am currently taking .5 MG of the drug every four days. I took my first "every four days" dosage on November 15 and will continue tonight, the 18th, with my next dosage.


When I tried to come off of clonazepam cold turkey back in May, I had the following withdrawal symptoms: shakiness, panic attacks, feeling sick at my stomach, pain in my stomach, night sweats, depression, and headaches. There were probably some more things, but you get the picture...not fun! At that time I had just started a part-time job, which I liked very much. Unfortunately, because of the withdrawal symptoms, I had to leave that job, as it was difficult for me to simply get out of bed each day, due to the withdrawals. I simply could not function. That's how bad withdrawal from this drug can be.


There is no way that I could come off of clonazepam without doing something to repair my nervous system at the same time, as I would lapse back into night terrors. And, I would rather stay on clonazepam and lose my memory than to go through that again ... truly. I am going to hope that SteadyHealth will allow the following information through, as I am not trying to sell anything and I am not mentioning brands or, at least, not attempting to.

I am taking these natural supplements. Before I list them, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional board certified nutritionist (...and I DO emphasize "board certified") guide you through this. So, consider the following informational ONLY. Each person is different and is coming off of clonazepam for different reasons. Here they are:

GABA - dosage is 500 MG capsules; taking one at each main meal, i.e., three times a day

LIPOIC ACID - dosage is 100 MG capsules; taking one with breakfast and one at dinner (aka, supper)

CREAM - I cannot mention the name of the cream as it would be a brand name, but it is used to calm the adrenal glands and contains, among many other ingredients, Phosphatidylserine; this cream is applied three times per day at key "blood" areas (e.g., inside of ankle; back of knee). It is important not to use this cream too many times in one area, as the body adjusts, so to speak, and a new area has to be found. You can, however, return to the former area. For example, you can put the cream on your left inside ankle for three days, then the back of, let's say, your right knee for three days, then your left chest for three days, then your right inside elbow for three days, ... and then you can return to the inside of your left ankle.

VEGETABLES - I cannot stress enough the IMPORTANCE of this. Medical doctors are simply not trained in nutrition and so tend not to give advice on eating properly. But, I can tell you that eating a lot of vegetables at least three times a day (yes, even for breakfast), is critical for calming a person's nervous system and returning the body to an alkaline state. You WANT your body to be alkaline; being in an acid state is just asking for health problems...BIG ones. So, taking the above without eating your vegetables will not work.

GASTROMYCIN - I am hoping that this is not specific to any one vendor, as I do not wish to disobey the rule of SteadyHealth in regards to posting. I do see a particular other name of the company on the bottle, and I will not mention that name. The reason I take Gastromycin is to reduce the pain in my stomach. I mentioned above that the withdrawal causes pain in my stomach. Without Gastromycin, I would constantly be in pain. The dosage on this is one before each meal. It is taken 15 minutes before the meal.

WATER - The first thing upon waking, I drink a full glass of water. I do not sip it. I drink it straight down. This, among other things, helps to clean the stomach of bacteria. And, I continue to drink water in the same manner throughout the day, attempting 6-8 full glasses daily. This is filtered water; not tap water. As an aside, it is not good to drink water while you are eating. Yes, it is OK to clean your palette once you have finished eating by taking a little water, but drinking water while you eat will work against you in attempting to have proper digestion. Water is important, and so be sure to drink it.

SLEEP - Sleep is critical. According to my nutritionist, if you lose four hours of sleep, your immune system's strength is reduced by 85%. Therefore sleep must be a top priority for me. This means not staying up until 2:00 AM but getting to sleep by 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM unless, of course, you work the night shift.

OTHER VITAMINS - Over the years, I have become very tuned into taking supplements other than the ones mentioned above. I would like to tell you that I am very good at taking them each and every day. That would, however, by lying to you. So, I will state that it is my sincere goal to take them every day and, I believe if I do, I will be even better off. To list all of the other supplements would glaze your eyes over. is my goal...I am not there yet. But, the sooner I get there, the better off I will be.

HOT SHOWER - This is mostly for those of you who might suffer from night terrors. Try to take a HOT shower two hours before bed; not any later. And, it has to be a hot shower. Warm showers don't work. The hot shower releases the body's own relaxing mechanism and will prepare you for a better sleep.


When I first started coming off of the drug, I experienced some of the withdrawal affects but not nearly as severe as when I tried to go cold turkey back in May. At this time (11/18/2010), I have some slight feelings of panic in the mornings when I wake up and a little pain in my stomach, until I take the Gastromycin. I do not have any night sweats or any of the other symptoms.

This has become a long post, and I hope that I have not put you to sleep. I do hope that it will help some of you out there. If you cannot afford to do anything else, e.g., buying supplements, then at least eat a LOT of vegetables as indicated above.

I will attempt to return to this posting to provide updates as to how I am doing in my attempt to get off of clonazepam.

Best wishes to all of you.


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 002 (11/18/2010)


As previously mentioned in my MUSIC MAN POSTING - 001, I am returning to update those who read this as to how things are progressing with my attempt to withdraw from the use of clonazepam.

I left off where I was taking clonazepam every four days. And, I was taking 1/2 a tablet which is 1/2 (.5) MG dosage. Tonight, Friday, November 26, 2010, I am going to be taking the same dosage but only once every five days.

Since my last report, I should mention or perhaps emphasize that one of the side effects of clonazepam withdrawal is flu-like symptoms. I've mentioned the shaking and sweating and feeling of nausea, but I should add to the list stuffy nose. These are symptoms that I only have at night while sleeping and in the morning upon waking. Soon after getting up and going through my morning ritual (e.g., neti pot), the symptoms are gone. That is, of course, because I do not have the flu...only flu-like symptoms.

Even though I had some slight night sweating and stuffy nose since I last posted my report, the episodes were nothing like I experienced in the Spring of 2010 when I was originally trying to come off of clonazepam cold turkey, without the guidance of my nutritionist. So, my current plan IS working.

Also, I am having less and less stomach pains associated with the withdrawals, and I believe eating vegetables and taking the GastroMycin has helped greatly, as the stomach pains can be quite uncomfortable. I have been rather free from them for about a week now.

So...that is my report for this time. I will return to update you on my progress. Again, it is my sincere hope that whatever I add to this posting helps someone down the road in regards to coming off of clonazepam.


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 003 (12/03/2010)

Before I begin my 3rd update, I want to respond to "long73".

First, long73, welcome to the community of those trying to deal with clonazepam withdrawal. You are not alone. To answer your one question...I did not have night sweats while taking clonazepam...only after trying to come off of it. HOWEVER, I want to provide a caveat. In past years, not recently, I would have night sweats prior to taking clonazepam. This was always, at least in my case, when I had a urinary tract infection. I think I might have had this happen to me twice in my life-time and within the past, let's say, seven years. Once the urinary tract infection was resolved, the night sweats went away. So, I should say that night sweats can mean that there is another issue, but considering that I am very healthy, this time is it definitely the clonazepam withdrawal.

It is important that I do not give you medical advice. Even though much of my respect for the mainstream medical community has diminished greatly over the past two decades (believe me...they have earned my lack of respect), they do provide some help, albeit somewhat self-serving. I should tell you of my family history regarding cancer: my grandfather died from brain cancer at the age that I am now (60) and my father died from small bowel cancer at 68, as well as my 33 year old paternal cousin from intestinal cancer and another paternal cousin from cancer. So, I have a heightened awareness of cancer, and I intend to break the cancer cycle in this family.

I will give you a quote to keep with you: "Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain". - Attributed to Mark Twain.

Get yourself fully checked out. Don't let fear determine what you do...or don't do.

You have pains in your chest. Many times I have gotten pains in my chest, thinking that I had a heart problem. This, of course made no sense to me, considering how active I am. One time I was hospitalized for seven days, until one of the doctors came to my room and stated..."you don't drink, you don't smoke, you eat right, you walk five miles every day ... what are you doing in my hospital?". She promptly dismissed me from the hospital. What was happening was stress; not heart disease. At that time, and up until last November (2009), I was employed by a highly intense computer company (you would know the name), and the hours of work and stress were off the charts. This stress is what caused the pain in my chest, and so I had to change my lifestyle. Essentially, I had to do an honest day's work...but not worry obsessively over it all the time. I'm now retired from that job...and you know what...the work still continues on without me. So, learn from my mistakes. It's just a job.

What I am trying to tell you is that many physical problems can be caused by different things. Some are serious; some are not and can be changed by changing your life style. So, again, I would encourage you to start with getting a complete physical and mention to the doctor that your concern for cancer is great and you want to know if that particular disease can be eliminated from your worry. I actually did that myself one time, i.e., I specifically told the doctor to look for any signs of cancer in my physical. Because of the health insurance companies, doctors are stretched to the limits and so if we want something specific, we have to ask for it. In short, the only one who will truly be concerned about your health is ... YOU! So, be proactive at ALL times. Read, study, learn, and take action!

I really cannot emphasize the importance of using the suggested solutions that I have mentioned in my first post, i.e., MUSIC MAN POSTING - 001. You had a problem and were given clonazepam to help that problem. Most likely your nervous system, like mine, was badly compromised.

There is no way you can come off clonazepam, unless you take some natural supplements, as well as my nutritionist's other suggestions, to start repairing your nervous system. Most of the suggested supplements you can buy at your health food store. ALWAYS BUY QUALITY!!! You must build up your system with healthy non-destructive supplements and food (alkaline vegetables!!!) to restore your health and the damage that clonazepam has done.

I mentioned previously that I would not talk about the other supplements that I take, as there are so many, but I might do so in another post, merely to provide an understanding of what must be done in this world to overcome the damage that our society's life style places on us.


As I write this on December 3, 2010, I am able to report some more success and some disappointments. It is important to me that I am totally honest with you, so that you can learn from me.

The success is that I was able to push myself a little more and held off taking another pill for six days, instead of five. So, again, on the day I took the pill (12/2/2010), I took 1/2 a pill or .5 MG. That's good, and I will now try for seven days. Again, my goal is to be off of clonazepam by the end of the year.

I am only experiencing three withdrawal symptoms at this time: night sweats and stomach pains and a new one...ringing in the ears. Let's look at this closer. Again, honesty is everything, so that I do not mislead you.


I really need to think about this one, and I am going to be able to better address this next week, as I try an experiment. First I will say that the night sweats have not been excessive. In the Spring when I tried to go cold turkey, I would have to change my clothes and my sheets at least twice a night. I was definitely soaked!!! That is not the case now. I never have to change my sheets, but I MIGHT have to change my clothes, but the sweating is not in any way as bad as last Spring.

BUT...during this time, I have also turned on the heat in my home. So, perhaps I simply have too much bedding. I am going to eliminate one blanket tonight and see if that makes any kind of a change. In other words, at this point, I'm not sure if the night sweats are from the clonazepam withdrawal or simply because I've turned on the heat and have too many blankets on me. I'll be sure to update this next week.


To tell you the truth, this was a little bit disappointing to me that the pain spiked up. be truly honest with you, 1) I was NOT consistent in taking my GastroMycin and 2) I was eating too soon before bed. Why would I do something so dumb, when I know that it would cause me a problem?!!! Well, I will offer no excuse, but I will simply state that this past week I worked very hard on my music (I am trying to finish an difficult music course), and when I do this, I work late into the evening...yet ANOTHER bad thing to do for someone who is trying to repair his nervous system. In short, I did all the wrong things: 1) did not take GastroMycin in a regular and consistent manner, 2) ate too late at night and just before bed, and 3) stayed up way too late.

I pretty much set myself up for failure, and I failed. My task in this new week will be to take the GastroMycin regularly (i.e., one before every meal with A LOT of water), stop eating at least four hours before bed, and 3) get to bed by 9:30 PM. By the way, the pain, as always, goes away as soon as I am up, have taken my GastroMycin, and have had a full (I MEAN FULL) glass of water. To repeat, taking the full glass of water, cleans the stomach of bacteria and aids in digestion. This should be done throughout the day, about an hour or two after liquids should be taking while eating, as it will hurt one's digestion. Also, I continue to take my hot tea in the morning, after taking the GastroMycin. I cannot name the brand due to the regulations on posting, but you will want to find a natural tea that contains licorice...yep, just like the tasty candy. The black licorice helps to settle the stomach.

So, again, I failed to do the right thing (e.g., eat properly), and so I failed in getting well. It truly is up to me (...and you).


I do not believe I have mentioned this before, but I can assure you that in the Spring when I was trying to come off of clonazepam, I began having "ringing" or a "humming" in my ears. This is truly annoying. This time, I still feel that clonazepam is causing it, as I am using less and less of the drug and the ringing has just started within the past 2-3 days. Could it be that by listening to so much music as I am doing my music class work that this might be causing the problem? Well, I will have to say that this is always a possibility, except that prior to coming off of clonazepam I was doing a great deal more music writing (e.g., composing music to a movie) and I did NOT have ringing in my ears. So, I think the verdict is going to have to be out on this one, but I really feel that there is a good case to make for clonazepam causing the ringing.

I will close for this time and report more next week. My hope is that I can truly bear down on doing all the right things. Going the natural route is the best way, but I cannot be lazy in my attempts and must stick with what I am doing and be consistent. Without being consistent, I will fail, and that would mean going back on clonazepam full-time, and I do NOT want to do that.

Good luck to each of you and especially to long73.


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 004 (12/03/2010)

In my last post, MUSIC MAN POSTING - 003, I mentioned that I might decide to go ahead and post the supplements that I take on a daily basis. I was not going to do this, but I decided to go ahead and do it. Please know that I am not recommending this to anyone. These were prescribed for me by my nutritionist. But, this will help you know how depleted my system was and how hard I now have to work to get myself back to where it needs to be. The only way that you will know for sure what to take is to get with a BOARD CERTIFIED nutritionist and seek advice. Note that regular MDs simply are not trained in this and are, in my opinion, clueless.

Note that I have tried to use some spacing in the following to make it easier to read, but no matter what I attempt, the posting system does not take the spacing, and so I apologize for the appearance. To help you better understand what I've typed, the first thing you will see will be the NUTRIENT (e.g., BETA-CAROTENE) followed by the DAILY DOSAGE (e.g., 2(@B)) followed by the TOTAL AMOUNT INGESTED DAILY (e.g., 50,000 IU).

For those of you not familiar, MG = milligram and MCG = microgram (it is a BIG difference in dosage..for example, you would never want to take 1,600 MG of folic acid but 1,600 MCG is fine).

Here is what I take (NOTE: B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner):

BETA-CAROTENE 2 (@ B) 50,000 IU
CALCIUM 1 (@ B) 500 MG
CHROMIUM 2 (1 @ B/D) 400 MG
CO-Q10 1 (@B) 100 MG
DEPA (FISH OIL) 1 (@ B) 1,000 MG
D 2 (@ B) 2,000 IU
ESTER C 6 (2 @ B/L/D) 3,240 MG
FA-8 (FOLIC ACID) 2 (@ B) 1,600 MCG
GABA 3 (@B/L/D) 1,500 MG
LECITHIN 1 (@ B) 1,200 MG
LIPOIC ACID 2 (1@ B/D) 200 MG
MILK THISTLE 3 (1 @ B/L/D) 750 MG
NUTRI-E 1 (@ B) 400 IU
SAW PALMETTO 2 (1 @ B/D) 440 MG
SELENIUM 1 (@ B) 200 MCG
ZINC 1 (@ B) 30 MG

B-12 50 MCG

COQ 10

Again, it is important for me to reiterate, that I am under the care of a board certified nutritionist. Please do not start taking the above without professional assistance...ESPECIALLY if you are taking any medication.

Until next week....take care.


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 005 (12/13/2010)

I continue to make progress in my attempt to withdraw from clonazepam. I had a brief step back, but it was not a big deal in the overall scheme of things. On December 4, I had to take another dosage of clonazepam (full dosage at 1 MG). Without getting too much into the reasons why, I will simply state that I was staying in a hotel and had to get up early to go on a pleasure trip, it was 2:00 AM, I was still not asleep, and I was fretting over not being able to get up in time. That sort of thing (worry over not getting to sleep) always seems to feed on itself, causing one to stay awake even longer.

I had not gotten to bed until late, and the reason for that was that I had gone to the theatre that night for a live performance. Essentially, it was a very busy social weekend, and I decided to break the two-day abstinence from clonazepam and start back again on the next day. My future task will be to determine how to prepare myself for any future time that this happens, as I do not wish, nor intend, to use clonazepam as a sleep aid going forward!!! My thoughts at present are to beef up on green vegetables on any day/weekend like that and perhaps slightly boost my Gaba and lipoic acid intake. Of course, I must absolutely not ingest caffeine.

As I type this, it is December 13, 2010. If I don't take the drug tonight, that will be nine (9) days that I have not taken the drug. What I have decided to do is to try to push it another day without taking clonazepam and see how I do. If I am still OK, then I will continue another day and another day and so forth.

I am happy to report that the night sweats have stopped altogether. There is still some slight ringing in my ears, but it is not nearly as intense.

The one troubling withdrawal symptom is the pain in my stomach. However, with the GastroMycin that I am taking, along with a LOT of vegetables and water, even that pain is starting to subside. I was very pleased this morning to awake with very little pain, and that has been the first time for quite some time.

So, my report this time is that I continue to improve. There is no way I could do this "cold turkey". It has only been with the guidance of my nutritionist, as I have explained in my earlier posts, that I have been able to come this far. I should reiterate that I am, for all intents and purposes, trying to rebuild my nervous system, which has been severely compromised over the decades. Clonazepam exacerbated that problem, but eating properly (especially the vegetables and pure water), along with proper sleep habits and supplements, has started to turn my nervous system around to a healthy one.

I will come back and report on my progress. My goal remains to be free of this drug by the end of this year!


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 006 (01/11/2011)

This is another long post. I apologize for the length of it, but I want to convey as much information as I can for those who come after me.

I will provide my latest update, but I want to reply to long73 first.

The email messages that notify us that someone has responded to a post seem to be delayed by a week. By the time I got your (long73) message, a week had passed, and so I had assumed by then that you had determined what supplements you should take in hopes of helping your sleep and so did not respond at that time.

What you always want to do is to take the least supplements and keep building until you find some relief. I hope by this time, you have, indeed, found some relief for your sleep. If you follow the recommendations that I have given to you, which are actually the recommendations of a world-known natural medicine doctor and that I have used and continue to use myself, you should be OK. Remember to back off of that caffeine as well. To make things happen with supplements and natural means, it is an ONGOING (i.e., for the rest of your life) effort and all must be adhered to. Don't forget those vegetable either!!! Good luck to you.


Well...I had hoped to give you all good news, but I will have to give you is a good news/bad news report.

The good news ... GREAT news ... is that the last dosage of clonazepam that I took was 1/2 a tablet (1/2 MG) on December 4, 2010. As I write this, it is January 11, 2011. I can state with certainty that I am off of the clonazepam and that there is no way in the world that I will ever go back on that drug.

So, I am very very happy about this, and I want to encourage anyone who has been reading my posts that there is life after clonazepam, but you really do NOT want to go cold turkey and you DO want to have the supplements that I have mentioned to help you though the withdrawals. Again, the best thing that I can recommend is to get with a BOARD CERTIFIED nutritionist to help guide you through it all. If, however, you cannot afford this, then I humbly suggest that you read my posts ... yes they are long but informative ... and use the information that I have placed in them in regards to the supplements and so forth to help ease you through the process.

If I can do it ... you can, too!!!

The bad news is that I still have stomach pains. But...I have to be honest and say that I simply do not know at this time if the clonazepam has caused the problem. I'm stuck with the old "which came first the chicken or the egg".

I tend to think it was the clonazepam. My reasoning for this is that in the past whenever I had the pain when I came off of the clonazepam and then went back on the clonazepam ... the pain would go away.

But, I really want to be fair about this, and so I will simply have to say that I do not know. My nutritionist feels that I might still have some of the clonazepam in my system (...this drug is REALLY bad) and it will take more time to fully get it out of my system.

He also feels that what I have is gastritis. Gastritis is often caused by over drinking alcohol. I do not do this. However, gastritis can be caused as a result of Crohn's disease. Now ... I have been in remission from Crohn's disease for well over 10 years. Nevertheless, my intestines are my body's weak point, and so there is always a chance that the Crohn's could flare up to some degree and cause this latest problem with the gastritis. In short, I must be very careful right now.

The question remains then as to what has caused the pain in my stomach. Is it the result of the last part of my withdrawal from clonazepam or is it caused by some other problem such as Crohn's? Or, is it all from the stress of having to deal with the awful withdrawals from clonazepam? Right now, I simply do not know, and I'm not sure if I ever will. The bottom line, however, is that I must get over it, as it is affecting other aspects of my life (e.g., work ... not being able to sleep at night is not helpful!!!).

What I do know is that I need to stick with my nutritionist's plan for me to get through the problem.

I got a little excited the other day because I was able to sleep straight through the night for nine hours. Usually the pain wakes me up 3-5 times a night. After that night, I thought I was OK, but the pain came back the next day and days thereafter.

I have been noticing a slight lessening in the number of times per night that the pain wakes me up. This is good and gives me hope to stick with the plan.

The following is what I take. I have mentioned some of these in my past post, but I will summarize them now. And, I am hoping that I am not breaking the rules of SteadyHealth by posting them here. If I am, I apologize and will assume that if I am in error that SteadyHealth will edit them out.

1 - Usually, I will wake up (unintentionally) around 5:00 - 6:00 AM. At that time my stomach is empty and that is when I take my OKRA PEPSIN E3, which needs to be taken on an empty stomach. This actually was NOT recommended by my nutritionist but was, instead, recommended by my chiropractor. He did some tests on me and found that my stomach was HIGHLY irritated. I absolutely agree. I am taking six capsules at once at this time of the morning. Each capsule is 215 MG of a proprietary blend. PLEASE remember that if you take this, that you are different from me and that you might only need one or maybe you would need more capsules than me. This is why it is important to be working with a health care professional (...and that does NOT mean a drug-pushing MD).

2 - I continue to take four GASTROMYCIN capsules per day. These are taken 15 minutes prior to my three main meals and one capsule that I take in the evening.

3 - I also take something now that I have not mentioned previously and that is LICORICE EXTRACT WAFERS. My nutritionist recently recommended this for me. Each wafer gives me 800 MG licorice extract. I take three each day ... one between each meal and one prior to going to bed.

4 - I take ORA-CAL 25. What this is, is chewable, phosphorus-free calcium tablets. I can chew as many of these as I want per day, and this helps to coat my stomach. These are actually quite tasty (vanilla) and help my stomach pain quite a bit. I keep them by my bed at night so that, if I get a stomach pain, I can easily get to the bottle and pop a couple tablets into my mouth, chew them, and go back to sleep.

5 - I also continue to drink the HOT tea that has licorice in it first thing in the morning. This has always been very helpful to me, even prior to getting help from my nutritionist.

6 - And, though this might seem pretty unimportant, I assure you it is ... I drink a full glass of water as often as I can. This truly cuts down on the acid in my stomach and does so pretty much immediately. So, if you have a pain in your stomach, may I suggest that the first thing you should do is get a full glass of pure, clean water and drink it right down ... don't sip it ... drink it down.

I want to reiterate that all of the above are natural supplements that can be purchased (ordered from) a health food store or gotten from a nutritionist or other natural medicine doctor.

So there you have it. Am I off clonazepam? ...ABSOLUTELY. Do I have a little ways to go in regards to my stomach pain? ...Yes, I do, but I believe I will overcome this, too.

Unless I receive a message that someone has a question to any of my posts, I probably will not come back to this post until February, at which time I will provide an update.

I hope that somehow these six main posts, as well as the posts to long73 on the sleep issue, have or will in some way help someone down the road. Do not feel that you are alone in your struggle. You are not. Again, my posts are long, but I have tried to be as complete and as honest as I can in them in hopes of helping others. If I help just one person, then it has been worth it to me to have taken the time to do so.

Keep the faith. Don't give up. But, DO take action.


MUSIC MAN POSTING - 007 (02/15/2011)

As mentioned in my previous post (MUSIC MAN POSTING - 006), I am simply returning to this thread to give a brief update. I continue to have the pain in my stomach as my only remaining withdrawal symptom, but I am happy to say that the pain is slowly but surely reducing. I'm pretty much fine during waking hours and only experience difficultly when sleeping at night.

For example, I might wake up four times during the night or only once or not at all. At a time in the past, I would be up every night four to five times, and so I am, indeed, making progress.

I continue to stick with the tea mentioned in my previous posts, as well as the GastroMycin and Okra Pepsin E3, though I believe the greatest benefit is from the GastroMycin and that I might drop the Okra Pepsin E3. I should also say that the more I take the time to eat my vegetables, the better I feel.

One change that I made, per my doctor/nutritionist, was to take one GastroMycin about two hours before bedtime and eat something light 15 minutes after taking the GastroMycin (e.g., a SMALL piece of Monteray Jack cheese). I could also do this only ONE hour before bedtime, but then I would have to eat something that digests quickly (e.g., 1/2 a Gala apple with the core out and a spoonful of almond butter on it ... NOTE: one should NOT use peanut butter, as almond butter is the more healthy way to go on this).

That's my update for this time. As I've said in the past, I hope my posts help someone. I guess I'll never know for sure, but if I do help someone, then my time writing these posts will have been time well spent. I'm not sure if my gastritis (pain in stomach) is due to the stress of coming off of that awful clonazepam or if it is unrelated. But, according to the doctor, the protocol that I am on now will take 2 - 3 months. So, I am hoping by the time April 2011 comes along that my stomach will be well.

The great news is that I have not taken any clonazepam since December 4, 2010. And...I will never take it again!

I will return at a later month for an update. Hang in there everyone!



I am pleased to say that my "cut and paste" task, i.e., taking my entries from another post and placing them here went quite easy and promptly, so I can wrap this up.

If you have taken the time to read this long thread, then you will know that the last issue I had was the pain in my stomach. My nutritionist felt that is was gastritis. This can be caused by several things, but in my case, I believe it was from stress ... and in particular, the stress of coming off of clonazepam.

How am I now?

I am happy to report that the pain in my stomach is completely gone now, and so my clonazepam withdrawal experience is completely over. This has been an experience I never want to go through again. I have to give much credit to my nutritionist, who I must, regretfully, not mention by name in this thread. He has a new book out on nutrition (even has great recipes) which can be purchased on Amazon, and I so much would like to mention the book's title, but I must stay within the rules of Steady Health and cannot do so. If you want to know the name of the book, perhaps what can be done is that you can contact Steady Health who can, in turn, contact me, and I will give them the information to give to you. I'm not trying to sell the book. In fact, I have given the book away to over 25 people now as a gift, including four local libraries. I simply know that it is a great book by a caring nutritionist/doctor.

Before I leave, I want to convey my experience in regards to eliminating the final problem, i.e., the pain in my stomach.

I had been having days were I was feeling very well and then days that would find me back into having pain. It wasn't the consistent relief that I had hoped for. One day, I was very tired. I had had a very long night, and so I just decided that I was going to be lazy for the rest of that day (a Saturday).

What I did was stay in bed for the entire morning. I would get up to do two things: drinking a full glass of pure water and taking the Ora-Cal 25 chewable calcium tablets, which helped to coat my stomach. I did this routine every couple of hours, i.e., drinking the full glass of water and chewing four calcium tablets. Well...I guess I did three things, considering the amount of water I was drinking. :D

Eventually, I did get up for good at around noon. My stomach was empty, but I was not too hungry. Nevertheless, I had some chicken and some Lima beans. I felt wonderful for the rest of the day.

The next day, I did not stay in bed, but I stuck to the procedure of not having anything on my stomach except the water and the calcium in the morning. Later, I would have the chicken and the Lima been combination, but this time I had some bread. I was doing fairly good, but I did notice some pain. This didn't make much sense to me.

I spoke with my nutritionist in regards to the experience I had that weekend. He mentioned that bread is very acidic to the body. If you have done any study of the body chemistry, you will know that having a body that is not acidic is very critical. The body will become ill and more prone to major diseases such as cancer in an acidic body, and so we must always try to make our body alkaline via certain vegetables, e.g., broccoli. I think the best thing for a person is to drink a full glass of water in the morning, followed by slightly-cooked broccoli.

Please don't get me wrong. Bread is good, but eating too much is not good for you because of the acidic nature of bread. In my case, with the pain I was experiencing, any amount of bread was not good.

I mentioned that I had stayed in bed for that entire morning. For a person such as myself (very driven) and perhaps you, this was important. By staying in bed and napping (along with the water and calcium), I was able to provide my body the much needed rest that I did not give it for quite some time. So how important is rest to a person's well being? Obviously...quite a lot!

Perhaps, in the end, the problem that got me on the clonazepam in the first place was my inability to relax and take life less seriously. In the end, life should be a celebration; not a constant worry. My task from this point forward will be to enjoy life more, continue to simplify my life, and be content with the simple things in life. All the success that I have had in my life will not amount to much, if I am not healthy.

As I had mentioned throughout this thread, it is my sincere hope that I have somehow helped people in dealing with clonazepam and Klonopin withdrawal.


In the other thread, long73 had asked me about his sleeping problems. This is something that I am all too familiar with. It does not have to do with clonazepam, but I believe that it is an important topic and might affect a number of people, and so I will cut and past that next (...and I will create a thread of its own just for it).


Dear Long73 (originally posted 12/23/2010)

In regards to your question about a sleeping aid, you might want to check my other "MUSIC MAN" posts (though I admit they are long), or you can simply try the following below. This is not my suggestion but, instead, a recommendation by a world-renown natural medicine doctor/author. I don't believe I may mention his name on this post. But, he is very good and before the MDs stuck me on that junk clonazepam, I was using the following with very very good success and should have simply stuck with the following. I no longer kneel at the throne of any MD with their pill-pushing standards and no longer take whatever they toss at me, simply because they have an MD behind their name. Nowadays, they have to prove themselves, or they will receive my wrath. If I sound bitter...I am...especially after going through this withdrawal nonsense.

The thing that I want to point out is the you should NOT just start taking it ALL. I will make the list, and you will want to try to start with just the first recommendation and, if that does not work, then add the next and so forth.

You will be able to find the following in any good health food store, and I always recommend buying QUALITY. Never go cheap when it comes to supplements (...though don't pay over the top just for the sake of paying your homework and ask the people at the store).


- B12 methylcobalamin (try to get the 5000 mcg nuggets that you melt under your tongue) ... take one in the morning; it is important that you get the methylcobalamin and the kind that melts under your tongue ... don't just use regular B12

- Melatonin (try to get the 2.5 to 3.0 mg tablets that you melt under your tongue) ... take dosage at bedtime


Along WITH the supplements from the first four days, add the following

- L-Theanine (200 mg) ... take one capsule about 30 minutes before bedtime (NOTE: 400 mg can be taken as a sedative)

- 5-Hydroxytryptophan (aka, 5-HTP) (100 mg) ... take one capsule about 30 minutes before bedtime


Along WITH the first and second four days above, add the following

- Valerian (300 mg) ... take one capsule about 45 minutes before bedtime


At this point, you are taking all of the above. You should now do the following. BE CAREFUL...

- STOP taking 5-HTP

- Take a low dose of L-tryptophan. NOW...this is the big gun, so to speak. It has gotten bad "press" put out there by the medical establishment and drug companies. Why? Because they knew it worked and wanted to be able to sell you expensive drugs instead. Yes, there was a bad batch of it made up in Japan years ago. The problem was not the tryptophan but, instead, the junk that the manufacturer used to cut corners and cut costs. That problem was resolved but the MDs tried to run a campaign that made people think that the FDA had recommended pulling the nutrient. The attorneys for the health food industry years later did some research and found that the FDA did not do any such thing. Again, it was merely the MDs and drug companies doing their usual dirty dealings. The attorneys for the health food industry got tryptophan back onto the shelves.

But...with that said, try to use the smallest dosage you can. Just start out small and see how you do.

I want to reiterate that you want to take the above in SLOW stages. PLEASE don't just jump in and start taking it all. Your body might not like that and you should always try to take the lowest amount of these types of things as possible and slowly add on until you find your required level.

Try to take time to read my other posts and don't forget your vegetables. I know it sounds basic, but you need to calm your nervous system, if you are going to be able to sleep, and the green vegetables will help you greatly if done on a DAILY basis. Also absolutely ingest NO caffeine

I wish you all the best with your sleep.



This ends my thread. When I first came across Steady Health back in around April of 2010 and found the "how long do withdrawl symptoms last with klonopin?" thread (yes, I know withdrawal is misspelled), it gave me a sense of hope. As stated previously, it is now my hope that my contribution will, in turn, help others.

I want to thank Steady Health for providing their website. I have used it often for other things and consider it to be wonderful contribution to the well-being of people.

Good luck to all of you. You are not alone in your struggle. Please do take action and free yourself from clonazepam/Klonopin.


Musicman is quack. He wants you to go from taking Klonopin to taking 4000 herbal supplements and vitamins. No herbal supplement or vitamin is going to provide any relief during withdrawal unless it contains a narcotic. His "action" and certified dietary nutritionist will only make your urine expensive. 

The fact is withdrawal from any narcotic is tough. The best thing to do is stop taking the drug. Deal with consequences of withdrawal and get over it. Time is the only thing that will help. I have withdrawn from many drugs many times. It really doesnt matter how you go about it, that fact is you will always feel the effects of withdrawal. Stop taking pills, deal with it, and give it time.


Oh, and to address his "body chemistry".....your body regulates the pH. Don't believe his bull sh*t. For example; a lot of people drink soda, specifically cola, which has a very low pH (<3) and contains phosphoric acid( a very strong acid). People drink soda and don't have stomach pain.

Musicman eats bread and has stomach pain. This does not make sense. He probably has an ulcer or acid re-flux.




I really have to laugh at your post.  The nutritionist that you have bashed is a doctor and has been in practice for 40 years, and is a published author.  Many of his patients were sent to him by hospitals and physicians in the Philadelphia area who are no longer able to help their patients...but, he does.  His success stories are endless.

What I have simply stated within my post is what I have done for myself.  I stated that without the support of the mentioned supplements and proper eating, I was not able to come off of the clonazepam.  With the supplements and proper eating, I was able to come off of the drug.

You state that you have withdrawn from many drugs.  I guess the obvious question is why are you taking so many drugs in the first place?  Frankly, it is your business, and I really do not want to know, but other people reading this post might want to consider that fact before they consider your "advice," which is really not advice at all.  Personally, I believe it would be better to eat healthy.  I am now doing same and feeling very well.

You stated that I suggested that people take 4,000 herbal supplements.  Not only can you not read (most of the supplements are not herbal), but you clearly cannot count.

Your ad hominem attack on me, as well as using bad language, is not only childish, but you are leading people who are struggling away from something that would help them.  Steady Health is here to help people.  Try to understand this fact, and take your venom someplace else.  What I have written is fact.  You simply cannot argue with it. 

From your post, you seem to be giving the "green light" to drinking soda.  Just this one point alone tells me that you are uninformed about the consequences of drinking soda and any further arguments by you should be dismissed outright. 

My desire in writing the story of my withdrawal success was to help others.  I see nothing in your post that helps anyone.  People have tried to, as you say, "deal" with the consequences of withdrawal and have not been able to do so.  It you have read all of their stories on Steady Health as I have, you'd know that.  Thus, my extensive post, i.e., it provides hope and guidance from not me but from a physician, where you post provides...well, I'm not sure what it provides. 

I will not be coming back here to spar with you.  You simply are not worth my time.  But, this post will be my defense against future attacks by you and those of your ilk, who do not have the integrity to debate each position I have taken.  Instead you come up with a worn out phrase that "taking nutrients will simply give you expense urine".  Now THAT is a old and classic statement propagated my myriad medical doctors.  You either are one, or you have bought into it.

For the rest of you, all I can say is that I followed this protocol, and I got through the withdrawals, whereas before I could not "deal" with the withdrawals as "Guest" has so flippantly stated.   Over six months later, I am feeling absolutely terrific and have no problems at all.   Perhaps you all can "deal" with that fact better than the childish and unbeneficial attack by "Guest".  Consider the time that I put into my post, remember that I receive no financial gain from doing it, and then consider the immature attack by "Guest" and determine who has the greatest desire for your well-being.  Hopefully, the answer will be obvious.

As  I will not be returning, I will take this last opportunity to wish each of you the best of health.  Goodbye.




Of course your nutritionist is a doctor, and of course he is the best, and of course he writes propaganda (books), and of course he is the last resort for all other doctors in Philadelphia. And all the success stories....I can't wait to here about. Does he make you buy a certain brand of supplements and vitamins? I bet it is the most expensive brand in the whole store. Does he own shares in the company that produces your vitamins and supplements?

I have been addicted to various drugs during my life.

I came off clonazepam buy simply stopping. I required no special supplements, vitamins, or foods. I just wanted to quit. 

Your right I can't count and drinking soda has dire consequences. 

Lets all stop taking Klonopin and start taking 400,000 supplements and vitamins to "support" our withdrawal (of course we will all follow course with some random id**t on internet who swears his doctor is the best(in Philadelphia)).