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i took lexapro while pregnant in the 3rd trimester. i took 20 mgs (i think) daily. my son now has some problems with his breathing and vocal cords. we are working with a ear nose throat doctor & trying to figure out whats wrong. so far we have tried breathing treatments, albuterol, and prilocect. so far none of this has really helped. any thoughts???


I'm so sorry to hear about your son's health issues, hopefully they are not serious. I would go online to the manufacture's website that makes Lexapro and read all that you can about the medication.  It will likely state something about taking while pregnant.  It may even say what types of problems could occur to the baby.  If you don't find any information about it, Google "attorneys and Lexapro".  When you find one (and I guarantee you will) call them for a free phone consultation to see if they've heard of the same problems before.  None of this will fix the actual problem but may give you some information as to what other people may have experienced and how they handled it. My heart goes out to you during this time, there's nothing worse in the world than a child who is ill. Stay strong and TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, doctor's are sometimes so busy that they dismiss signs and symptoms that could be serious. Get second opinions and don't ever stop until you have all the answers and your son is getting the right treatments. Keep me posted, I will keep you in my thoughts.