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Every day since Christmas,I have been having difficulty breathing.
(Like I wake up every morning and have to inhale and exhale like crazy just to catch my breath)
Then my heart races and my breath is very shallow.
Shortly after the breathing problem,I had been having difficulty swallowing any kind of food.
Like every time I have solid food,it hurts my throat and I can't swallow it very well without coughing.
(it feels like the food is caught in my throat and takes hours to stop coughing)
Water doesn't help at all either.

I haven't been able to eat much at all because of this,and then I end up throwing up occasionally if I eat solid foods too.

I am 16 and getting worried about my weight. (I now weigh 96 pounds and I am 5'3...)


You may have Vocal Cord Dysfunction. (VCD) I would suggest going to see a throat specialist. I was diagnosed with this a year ago at 19, after 3-4 years of the symptoms you're having. Whenever I breathed in my vocal cords were closing and cutting off my air. And when I lay down, or fall asleep my vocal cords close partially, and I wake up gasping for breath. Its also possible something similar is happening when you eat. Water, of course would not help if this was the issue. They can put a camera down your throat (its not that bad, I promise!) and watch what your throat is actually doing when you eat/breathe etc. Apparently VCD is incredibly common in teenage girls.

Hope this helps!