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I just started taking Lexapro last week and it is already helping a little bit. But it seems like I am more stressed in the morning and start feeling better in the afternoon. Is this how it starts working in some people? I have some Xanax too and sometimes take a half (they are a small dosage anyway) when I feel like I need it but I am trying not too today to see how I feel w/o it.
Also I keep reading these horror stories about people coming off of Lexapro. I'm hoping there are some people who DON'T have a really bad experience getting off of it. Is there anyone who did not have a lot of problems? I had a bad experience with Zoloft (more the getting on than the getting off) so I was scared to start another drug but my dr says she thinks Lexapro will be ok and so far so good. She started me on only 5 mg and I bumped up to 10 a couple days ago.


I had a good experience w/ getting on Lexapro. Almost instantly I noticed my anxiety symptoms decrease. It didn't take very long for my body to get over/get used to the initial side effects. I'd say about 2 weeks to get used to it. A little tweaking of the dosage to get a few lingering side effects (sleepiness, jaw clenching) to go away.

I also had a fairly good experience going cold turkey off of 5mg. It was an accidental cold turkey so I just ran w/ it because my dr had wanted me to try and get off of it anyways. Took about 7 days to be rid of the withdrawals. Although, I didn't find them all that terrible. After that my anxiety symptoms came back.

I'd say give the Lexapro a full month (w/ out supplementing with the Xanax) to see how you will do. You and your dr may need to tweak your dosage periodically until you find the right one.

Hope my good experience helps! Not everyone has had a Lexapro horror story. ;-)