Hello. I am an 18 year old female, first year college student. I went on Loestrin 24 in july 2007. since then i've had 4 days periods every two weeks, but with little bleeding. recently in december, i forgot to take my pill for a whole week...i was stressed out with finals and just forgot.

so i thought that i could stop taking the pill and wait for my next period before starting a new pack. the last day of my last period was january 2, 2008. by my weird two-week periods, i should have gotten it on january 16th. i lost my virginity on january 12th, but i was safe and used a condom and i don't think there's any way that my boyfriend "leaked". the condom was still in tact, and we didn't really get far because it hurt a lot.

now it's february 2nd and i still haven't gotten my period. but i haven't been taking the pill either. i haven't had sex since my first time cuz i'm way too freaked out. i want to buy a HPT but part of me just wants to wait a little longer and see if my period shows up on its own. any advice? please help!