I have been taking lorazepam for anxiety, 1mg twice a day.  it seems to depress me.  i was taking xanax 1mg twice a day, it worked at first but after years of taking it it became ineffective and my anxiety came back again also mytalking to myself got worse. I have only been taking Lorazepam for 30 days.  I was wondering if anyone else experienced this problem with Lorazepam. I also thought the combination of lorazepam and trazadone may be the problem with the depression experience.  I have POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME, HIGH CONTINUOUS ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS.  Can anyone advise me of some other meds that have worked well for them other then the ones i am taking?  I do not want to take psych meds (had a bad reaction to them) and i do not want tlo take something that will make me gain weight!   I deperately need help in finding the right combination of medication so i can feel normal again.  I have been searching for a long time for something tlo help me.  I cannot focus and environmental noises bother me immensely.  My life has been imposed upon because of my problems and i am very umhappy and cry because i cannot seem tlo find the right meds for me.  Please help!