US researches suggest that low levels of testosterone increase the risk of death in men over the age of 50. In their 18-year period chronic disease study, they followed 800 men, who were aged between 50 and 91 and found that those with low testosterone levels had a 33% increased risk of death.

At a Toronto meeting of The Endocrine Society, the researchers did not suggest taking testosterone supplements due to the potential side effects but keeping active and adjusting to a healthy life style.

Testosterone levels normally decline with age but there is wide variation. In this study, 29% of the men were found to have low levels of the hormone. The link between low testosterone levels and increased death risk could not be linked to smoking, drinking, physical activity level or pre-existing diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. However, those with hormonal decline bigger than normal for aging men levels were three times more likely to have a cluster of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The study links low testosterone levels to metabolic syndrome. The researchers believe that testosterone levels could be altered by lowering obesity and keeping active as being obese lowers the available testosterone which causes more obesity and makes it’s a vicious cycle.

Testosterone gives men the boost and naturally low testosterone makes one less active. The researchers suggest adapting the lifestyle, keeping the body in shape and making the best of the natural testosterone as supplements carry a risk of side effects.