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Low testosterone levels can be a problem for men and women alike. Testosterone replacement therapy is a lot easier than it used to be. There are now patches instead of shots you have to give in the muscles, but the cost can add up. But is homeopathy the answer?

The scientific studies of homeopathy for raising testosterone levels were conducted on tilapia, the fish. The homeopathic preparation actually worked in that the homeopathy-treated fish (both male and female) lived longer and had fewer diseases, although they didn't grow little fishy muscles and they couldn't swim any better than untreated fish.

At the very least, we know the effect wasn't psychosomatic. But with human beings, the selection of the right remedy is key to success. It's better to work this out with a homeopathic physician who can recommend the best remedy for a combination of symptoms, but here are some men could try on their own.

  • Agnus castus is most often recommended for men who have a sensation of coldness in the penis. It's also recommended for performance anxiety.
  • Argentium nitricum is most often recommended for men who are diabetic, or who have cravings for sugar and salt. It's the remedy for men who lose their erection during sex.
  • Caladium is the remedy for men who can't get erections at all. Often the men who get the best response to this remedy are smokers.
  • Causticum is given to men who just aren't interested in sex any more, and to men whose sex life has been ruined by prostate problems. Men who can't quite get to the toilet soon enough to urinate respond especially well to this remedy.
  • Lycopodium is given when there is performance anxiety, when the man can get an erection when he doesn't need it but not when he does. Often the combination of symptoms best treated by lycopodium includes gas and heartburn.
  • Selenium metallicum is given to men who become impotent after a serious illness or after treatment for cancer. It is also used for men who "forget" their sexual technique.
  • Staphysagria is the remedy for shyness in the boudoir. It is most often recommended for men who are not especially experienced with sex.

Typically, a man takes just one dose of the remedy and waits until the next time he has sex to see if it worked. If a 6C strength of the remedy doesn't work, then he is given 12C (you can't cut a 6C tablet in half and make it 12C, the 12C tablet has been diluted 1 million times more than 6C), and if 12C doesn't work then a 30C tablet is tried. If the 30C doesn't work, then the man tries a different remedy.

But it's important to remember that homeopathy for low-T isn't about raising testosterone levels. It's about restoring sexual potency, with or without raising testosterone levels. And because any affect on actual testosterone levels is modest, homeopathic preparations are typically free of side effects.

Similarly, homeopathy can be used to treat the symptoms of low testosterone in women, but it's not about changing hormone levels in women, either. The purpose of homeopathy in treating women's issues is helping them find the sexuality they desire.

When women lose sexual desire because of low testosterone or any other reason, homeopathic physicians often recommend a combination of ignatia amara, which is designed to relieve muscle pain, and kali phosphoricum, which is recommended when women are "tired of" sex. For women, these remedies are recommended for loss of libido or painful reactions to sex, while other remedies would address other hormonal problems. Usually it's a good idea just to start with the strongest, 30C dose. Homeopathic products combining these two remedies are not hard to find.

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