Researchers say that man who eat whole grain cereal breakfast have reduced risk of heart disease risk factors such as heart failure, heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Those men are less likely to develop some of this diseases then men who eat it once in a while or never at all.

Some other studies already pointed out that a diet rich with whole grains can provide a various health benefits and if this study and other studies on this matter confirm these findings, whole grain cereals might be one of the ways to reduce the risk of heart failure.

Reports of the study say that those men who eat whole grain cereal for breakfast every day in the week have almost 30% lower risk of developing heart failure then men who never eat cereal. They also say that this effect was based only on whole grain cereals and not on the refined ones.

So, conclusion remains that by starting the day with whole-grain cereal you may lower the risk of heart failure in the long run.