A large US government study has been conducted on the risk of the overweight people in developing diseases and dying prematurely previously related only to obesity. The results showed that slightly overweight people too are at increased risk of dying prematurely.

The study went on for ten years and included 500,000 U.S. overweight adults in their 50s. It was determined that they were 20-40% more likely to die within the following ten years. Another study that was done separately in Korea and included 1 million adults proved the results from the American study.

This way, a long debate about the risks of the overweight people, has finally been closed or at least some people thought so.

However, since there are always skeptics who doubt and need more reassuring, the National Cancer Institute conducted a new study, in which 527,265 men and women ages 50 to 71 took part. This study showed that those people who were overweight when they were 50 were at significantly elevated risk of dying prematurely, and those who were obese were two to three times more likely. So, the overweight are but not in as much danger as the obese of developing diseases like diabetes and heart disease and dying prematurely.

Researchers are hoping that these results will reach the public and motivate people to maintain a healthy weight.