Researchers found interesting fact that men who have naturally high levels of testosterone have reduced risk of death from some of the most dangerous medical conditions. Study included more than 20,000 man and women in research which lasted 4 years. Results clearly indicate that man with the lowest levels of testosterone in blood have increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer which may end with death.

Researchers determined that man with more testosterone in blood are less likely to the develop some of this conditions that can be life – threatening. Conclusion is that testosterone supplements may reduce risk of developing these serious medical conditions but great caution is advised because this confirmation is still not fully accepted.

As far as the women who took hormone supplements during the research , scientists urge caution. Hormone supplements seemed to improve women’s health at the beginning but that long term use of this supplements can be dangerous. It is not yet determined if the long term use of this supplements may be dangerous for man too and the caution is greatly advised by doctors.