Scientists have suggested that all young people as well as older ones who either work out or lift stuff heavier more than half their body weight should undergo heart screening.

Latest researches showed that people who lift more than half their weight are at increased risk of experiencing rupture of previously undetected aortic aneurism. Aortic aneurism is a localized ballooning of an aorta by more than 50% of the diameter of the vessel and its rupture could lead to instant death. Aneurism may occur in the brain as well.

Doctors rarely suspect aneurism in young healthy athletes and it often causes tragedies because the dilation of the blood vessel is not noticed in time. When noticed in time, it could be repaired in a surgery. Genetics play a major role in the aneurism but other risk factors are diabetes, high blood pressure, tobacco smoking, alcoholism, and insomnia.

Doing a research on 31 patients, the results showed that heavy lifting is likely to cause rupture of the dilated aorta.

Lifting heavy weights and accompanying high blood pressure are likely to cause the rupture of the blood pressure. When the rupture occurs, a person will experience low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and lightheadedness.

The researchers, who lift weights themselves, suggest screening for unknown or undetected aortic aneurysm before doing any heavy work. The test they recommend is called a heart echo exam a.k.a a heart ultrasound. They find it painless and inexpensive. The problem is that there is much more to do before making these tests generally available.

Today, undetected aneurism kills more Americans that AIDS does. More progress is made regarding this disease as it was found to run in the families, which would certainly ease its diagnosis.