So here it last period was on february 3 till february 9. That same day my period ended, i had sex but the condom broke, so about an hour later i took an emergency pill called postinor 1(first time i ever take a pill). About 5 days later i experienced a bleeding, similar to a period, it lasted from the 15th til the 19th of february, and i previously learned it could've been a side effect of the pill. Alright so i waited until march 19 and there was no sign of my period so i took a pregnancy test which turned out negative. I kept waiting, and by march 30 still no sign of period. That same day i happened to have sex again, we weren't sure if the condom was broken or something went wrong so i took another emergency pill right away called glanique. Today is april 2 and still no period. Any suggestions? What should i do? Please help me!!! (p.s. My cycle isnt exactly of 28 days but the difference is never really big)