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I am struggling with my conception date well more worried than anything else. My lpm was 15th Feb. My 1st scan said edd 20th Nov and other 2 scans confirmed 19th November - sounds good. According to my LMP the EDD is 22nd Nov 2015. Had intercourse on 21nd or 22nd can't remember unprotected with my husband (came inside) and then again on March 6th with someone else (with protection - no accidents reported, apologies for being so graphic: I examined myself and there was no remains of sperm inside me only the usual condom oily feel and odour - I assumed all is good and condom did its job) so (long story short, we separated with my hubbie for few days - couple troubles) According to all the calculation including my lmp and US my conception should be around 26th Feb - 1st March so nowhere near 6th March. And to mention I had MC last Sep so my cycles were little all over the shop but before pretty 28 days +/- couple days due to stress in work etc. Please help when was I likely to conceive.My midwife said around end of Feb beginning of March - my belly is measuring pretty spot on as well. I really hope for some replies. Many many thanks Maria x P.S please be nice am already worried sick and really want my hubbie to be the father x


medic-dan please can you advise I really think you know what you are talking about and it woudl be greatly appreciated, ta Maria x