So I have been on birth control for over 3 years ortho tri cyclen. I havent had any problems with it and always took my pills on time. Well last Thursday on the 17th I had gallbladder surgery. I was prescribed the antibotic Keflex for 5 days 4 times a day. I got off of it on Tuesday. Well lastnight thursday I had unprotected sexual intercourse. Afterwards I remembered that Keflex might of affected my birth control but my doctor never informed me so I was unsure. So this morning I called my doctor and spoke with the nurse about it she didnt think it would affect my birth control but she wasnt sure so she told me to call my pharmacy. I called my pharmacy and the lady there didnt think it would and she looked up the medicen and it didnt say anything about it so she told me I should be ok. I still wasnt set so I called a few more pharacies and they told me that since its an antibotic it would make my birth control less effective and I probably should use a back up method for a month. One pharmist told me that it probably just weakened my birth control by 10 to 15%. I was still worried so I went to the clinic to get Plan B. Im on my 3rd week of birth control and only have 2 active pills left until Im suppose to take my sugar pills for my period. I asked the nurse on the phone about what I should do about my birth control after I take Plan B and she said I should just continue taking them like normal. Then after I got to the clinic I had a different nurse and asked her what I should do about my regular birth control she said I shouldnt take my 2 active pills that I should just wait a few dasy and take my sugar pills and have my period because Plan B should be enough to cover for me and I would be overloaded with birth control pills. Then after i got home the nurse called me back and told me that the main nurse said that I should just start a new pack either tonight or tomorrow but I told her I usually dont start a new pack until on Sundays and the nurse seemed a lil confused and just said it would be ok if I just wanted to wait until Sunday to start a new pack but then I would skip my period. So now I have been told 3 different things and I have no idea what i should do. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do about my regular birth control? Any advice is apprecated. Thanks im advance.