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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here, and really glad that I found this message board!

I am looking for input as far as the Implanon birth control implant. I have read pages upon pages about this and how it works. However, I'd like to hear a few personal experiences if possible. My insurance covers 100% of the cost, so that is not an issue.

A little about me: I'm going to be 24 in a few short days. My fiance' and I do not have any interest in having children in the next five to eight years. We have a number of long-term goals, and are just not ready for a child any time in the near future.

Thanks in advance!


I've had it for the last two years ish. My periods are now totally irregular, I think I've had about 4 since I've had it. One of them lasted 17 days and another lasted 29 days. Both very painful, very heavy.......I still get the period pains but without the period.
That's just my personal experience though so it may be different for you, but i'd suggest thinking for quite a while about whether you actually think you're likely to react badly to it like me. . . . .hope this helps (:



I am 28 and on my second implanon implant - 6 years in total. I love implanon, the feeling of it under your skin can freak people out a bit, but I can't feel it at all. The scar is tiny, it didn't really hurt having it put in - or removed. I rarely have a period - maybe every 8-10 weeks, altough that does vary so it can be a bit difficult to predict. I don't really get the mood swings - my husband no longer refers to me as mrs grumpy!

The good thing about it is that nobody has to remember to take a pill, the only thing you have to remember is when it is due out and the drug company can email you a reminder if you sign up on their website! You don't need to get your blood pressure checked or keep going to pick up a prescription.

It really suits me, and I know that if I decide to have kids, I can get it removed and my fertility will return to normal really quickly.