Danish scientists showed in their new research that moderate amounts of coffee carry no risk to the fetus or risk of premature and underweight babies.

It has been found that even three cups of coffee a day did not have any negative impact on the babies or the pregnancy.
Previous studies showed that too much caffeine could lower average birth weight by 100-200 grams but the Danish study showed no such effects.
The scientists monitored 1,207 pregnant coffee drinkers who were selected to drink either a caffeinated or decaffeinated brew during their second and third trimester without knowing which coffee they were being given.

No difference in the average birth weight was found between the two groups.

The incidence of premature babies in women who drank caffeinated drinks was 4.2% compared to 5.2 % in women drinking decaffeinated coffee.
There usually is a difference because the women who drink a lot of coffee usually smoke and drink more alcohol, which certainly influences birth weight.

Three cups of coffee a day have been found to be OK but those who drink more should be very careful, doctors advise.