It is discovered that drinking 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day may help protect against cardiovascular disease and other illnesses characterized by inflammation.
The findings tend to suggest that there may be some benefit to drinking modest amounts of coffee.
The researchers studied coffee drinking in relation to all deaths and deaths due to cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases related to inflammation.

Analyses focused on 27,321 women between 55 to 69 years of age who were followed for 15 years. A total of 4,265 women died during follow up.
There was a "substantial" 24 percent reduction in risk of "inflammatory deaths" amongwomen who drank 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day compared to non-drinkers of coffee.

The risk reduction did not diminish for higher intakes of coffee. However, a small risk reduction for cardiovascular disease death in relation to coffee drinking did diminish at higher intake levels; and cancer was not related to coffee consumption.

It had been previously found that coffee is the single most important source of antioxidants in the diets of Norwegians and of middle aged women in Iowa. Oxidative stress is closely related to inflammation.