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I have been on birth control for about 10 months now.  I missed two birth control pills, on Friday and on Saturday.  Sunday morning, I woke up and there was blood in my underwear.  I took my Sunday pill right then.  The bleeding was mild and lasted throughout the day.  The next day (Monday), the bleeding seemed to be gone. I took my Monday pill in the morning, just to make sure I took it that day.  I had sex with my boyfriend, and following this I started bleeding again.  I wore a pad all day, and it was filled with blood by the end of the day.  This morning (Tuesday), the bleeding once again seemed to be gone.  I wore a pad just in case, and I ended up bleeding into that one too.  The bleeding is heavier than it was on Sunday or Monday, it's bright red, and I'm having cramps.  I'm wondering if this is my period only because before I started taking birth control, I had very heavy periods with unbearable cramps.  I am going to continue taking my pills regularly this week. 

My question is, how long will this bleeding last? I would love for it to be gone by the weekend.  Would starting a new pack make the bleeding stop sooner? Or should I just continue taking the pills in this pack?

I don't think I'm pregnant, nor am I worried about becoming pregnant as a result of this bleeding; I just want to know how long the bleeding will last, and if anything will make it stop sooner.


That is a good sign! The plan B pill as far as I know sheds your uterine wall, so an egg cannot attach.