so, i got a yeast infection from being on anti biotics my gyno prescribed me for what he said was a bacterial infection. i was not aware i had any kind of infection. so like 3 days into being on antibiotics, i've developed a yeast infection. i've never had a yeast infection before so i was pretty upset and concerned, although i wasn't really experiencing any discomfort. i went to the pharmacy and bought monistat1. my mother recommended it to me and said it should clear it right up, i used it last night around 1am then went to sleep. at first i felt fine, a little itchy but fine. this morning i woke up and i swear to god i've never been in so much pain in my life. i feel itchy, burning, it feels like the outter lips of my vagina are swollen and on fire. i'm afraid to even move. i wish i could go back and make myself NOT use this product. i'd never recommend this to anyone!