I too, as most of you ladies, had a mild yeast infection. Normally they go away on their but this time I was irritated enough to go get monistat1. I inserted the ovule and did everything the directions said. I was fine for close to an hour and had to pee. As soon as I went to the bathroom the burning started. I had already read a lot of the horror story blogs on here and other sites so at first I was really panicky. But once its started there is no real way to stop it besides washing it out and then the meds don't work at all. My suggestion, take Advil, I took 2 midol too, and pick a funny movie. Lie on your back and relax as best you can. After about 45 min to an hour it wasn't as intense. I started thinking, and to be honest the burning is no worse than the feeling you get from the "fire and ice" trojan condoms. Clearly most of you ladies haven't used them. It lingers but after a couple hours of relaxing and not panicing about the pain it subsides. Remember you just stuck a fairly large dose of shiny medicated cream in a little egg shapped capsule up your vagina. Some lucky ladies have resilient insides and can fall right asleep but for those of us who experience the side effects my biggest tip. RELAX. Remember, I didn't start feeling it until after I peed. Try to insert it and go to bed. Try not to pee. But in either case it will go away. I started to think of it as a warming sort of pleasure to be honest. If the side effects are absolutely intolerable do what you think is right. And if you have never used the fire and ice condoms do so and you will see, its about the same.