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With a little one who can't be consoled due to a bad diaper rash, you definitely need these tips to treat it naturally at home.

If you’re a new parent or have kids still in diapers, then you know the torturous pain of dealing with bad diaper rash. The poor little things suffer so badly when it spreads and worsens to the point where they can no longer wear the diaper. And you feel so horrible when you’re wiping their little bums and they cry out in pain. I know, I feel you, I’ve been there.

But taking to them to the doctor usually just results in being sent home with instructions to keep it clean and dry. Better said than done when you have a poop machine running around your house. But there are natural ways to treat really bad diaper rash at home, I promise. It worked for me, so I’m sure it can work for anyone else.

What Causes It?

There’s a few culprits and, really, when you’re little one spends 24-7 in a diaper there’s really no way to avoid them. But things like diarrhea, heat rash, constant rubbing in the same area, a bacterial or even yeast infection (yes, babies can get these), if they’ve been on antibiotics recently, and even if they just have sensitive skin.

Either way, it doesn’t matter how your baby got the rash, it has to run its course and will eventually go away. But you can help alleviate your baby’s pain and make them more comfortable. 

Ways to Treat It

Like I said before, you can go to the doctor but that may be a wasted effort as they’ll likely send you home with a list of things to try such as this.

Now, if you’re baby’s diaper rash has grown so severe that they have broken, inflamed, or infected skin then, yes, you should demand to see a doctor and may need the aid of anti-biotics.

These few tips are all natural, chemical free, and easy to do. If you do any of them, you’ll begin to see a noticeable change in the rash as well as your baby’s mood.

A Nice, Luke Warm Bath

Run some bath water for your baby but make it slightly cooler than normal. The refreshing sensation of the water will sooth their little bums and clean out any dirt and germs that may be lurking in the sores. Try and avoid the use of perfume soaps, or any soaps for that matter, as they can just irritate their raw skin. Instead, just let them soak and play in the bath. You’ll both be happier for it.

Air Dry

After the nice, long and refreshing bath dry your baby off and try to avoid rubbing their skin with the towel. Instead, pat dry and then let them run around to air dry for a while. Putting a fresh diaper on over moist or damp skin is just asking for the rash to flare up and the pain to ensue. Yes, you may have an accident or two on the floor, but it can be cleaned up. It’s much better than the alternative.

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