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My testicles and lower abdomen really hurt. I am 13 and this has only started happening today. I have looked around on the internet but I can't find a proper answer. I have been watching porn quite a bit but I haven't been masturbating. After Lunch I watched some porn and afterwards I had a pain in my testicles. They have gone red and really hurt when I touch them. There is also a large bulge behind both of them. About an hour after lunch I went to the bathroom and as i went for a wee, a bit of semen came out before the urine. Since then i have been going to the toilet a lot and have been going for a wee. I didn't have anything to drink at lunch so i have had a big drink since. The pain is also in my lower abdomen. Where my bladder is. I think that my intestine has gone inside my testicle but im worried that it could be that i don't ejaculate when i watch porn. Does anyone know, this really hurts.


Hi Guest,

It sounds as though you may have a case of "blue balls."  It happens when you are aroused sexually for a long time, the testicles actually enlarge due to increased blood flow, called vasocongestion.  If you don't ejaculate then it becomes painful.

That you saw some semen, precum I would think, then masturbation may help relieve your symptoms.  Otherwise, you'll probably have a wet dream soon.

Hope it helps.