I have been having this ongoing discomfort in my lower tight back/right groin for about a year...The pain comes and goes, so I originally thought it was just back pain from playing golf. I'm a 25 years old and have XXY syndrome. 

About 3 weeks ago, the pain came back but this time came with lower right abdomen pain, located between the naval and hip. More of a dull achy pain in all those spots. I went to Disneyworld for vacation and it got wayyyy worse. Like it felt like my abdomen was pulsing and the achy pain was still present in my lower back, flank, groin, and right testicle. I ended up going to the urgent care out there to see what was going on (I was thinking kideny stones) and they urgent care said it could be appendicitis...That's not the pain I was feeling though. They sent me to the ER for a CT scan and blood work and everything came back clear and they sent me home with IBS meds which did absolutely nothing LOL.

Anyway, the paid was too much to deal with, with all the walking at Disneyworld so I flew home early and went to my primary doc. He checked everything out and said he felt some abdominal tissue in the pelvic area when he felt and sent me to get a back x-ray in case it was a disc issue and also to a testicular ultrasound to check for masses or any changes in the testicles.

After my doc finished probing my balls they were SUPER sore...It felt like someone kicked me between the legs and it never went away all day. At the ultrasound I was already in pain and when the tech asked me why I was there I said, "I think I have a hernia" then she was like, "oh that's weird your doctor put down hydrocele"...Great I have no idea what's going on then.

She then preformed the ultrasound but it took FOREVER, like 45 minutes, I had one a few years ago that took like 15 minutes. the tech knew where it was going to hurt and would ask me prior to placing the wand on it, it HURT. After the ultrasound she said "since I was in so much pain" she was going to call the doctor that day. 

I'm super nervous and my anxiety is through the roof since I thought I had a hernia but now I have no idea. 

Let me be clear that this pain comes and goes, but usually will have it a week or two out of each month. 

My History:

Klinefelter's Syndrome, 200 lbs, 6'3"

Born 7 weeks pre-mature

Had hydrocele on right testicle when a newborn

Take 100 mg of TRT weekly/intra-muscular. 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!