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i'm 16 and have been masturbating since i was about 13. for the past year or so i havn't been able to get my erection as hard as it used to go. i did have really bad back problems as one stage, don't know if that is the problem though. i am not sexually active. once i masturbated and ejaculated and it was only about 5 mins later that i have ejaculated again, i know it usually taked like an hour to masturbate again. since this it has never really been the same, i think it might just be that i am bored from masturbation but i dont want to be bored from it.

is it normal for the bottom of your back to hurt when you carry on masturbating after you have ejaculated?

recently my testicles have been aching on and off for a while, i think i have pulled a muscle in my groin but why would that hurt the testicles?

quite often after masturbating my testicles will feel wierd about hour after masturbating


pls help

alex :-)


So you are saying you masturbate excessively? Then please stop. Its like this. When finish touching your penis and the erection is gone. You feel like it hurts. When you feel erection. Its your nerves giving pleasure instead of pain. So you don't really know how hard you are forcing your penis. Don't forget your penis is an organ. It's not that strong like a finger. Has no bone but blood to protect it. Do you realize how when I write so much and the pen is leaning on my finger? It numbs. I think you are possibly dragging your nerves in your penis or clitoris. And becomes more numb or temporary. Yes. you are getting bored. I usually masturbate once a week or 3 4 days. So my semen makes having a host or victim or partner pressure harder. So you don't get bored. I don't know about your back bottom. Possibly you have like jammed your muscles. And yeah I think you just hurt your testicles. But does it feel hurt inside? If so its just when you ejaculate the testicles have to 'pump' it out. Which is hard and requires force. Thats why you like have a shock when you ejaculate. Semen is sticky so its hard. But if you have precum it makes it easier unless you masturbated again after the hour and lost precum. Whoa dude. I use to masturbate daily and even after the hour. But you ejaculated again? You are straining your muscles. You need to relax and give time to recover from the injuries you made. And wait for about 3 or 4 or suggested a week till u masturbate. And. To make masturbating better. You need to reach almost your ejaculation time and stop. wait for it to shrink. Because more precum will come out. The wetter the better. Then once again make your penis bigger then prepare to ejaculate. Anyway. Do you use tissue for your penis when it cum? And how do you hold your penis when trying to gather the flow of semen? Because when masturbating you got to do it gently while keeping orgasm high. Sorry for talking too much and remember be specific as possible. Happy masturbating! :-D