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I am asking this for a lady in my local breastfeeding support group who has in infant with thrush mouth. How is this cured naturally, and hopefully quickly? I know there are natural cures for thrush mouth out there but I forget what they are now, so your advice would be very helpful.


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hey therem

the usually natural cure is to eat ACTIVE cultured yogert and or to take probiotics. this restores the natural bacteria in the body which keep the yeast population down. however you may want to check with a pediatrician about this first since the baby is so young. if it is okay they you may try to add some yogurt to a bottle so that it can be made thin enough to drink. MAKE sure you consult a doctor first because i dont think infants are suppose to have dairy products at that age but it if it is ok then try that,

otherwise there are medications that you can try although that would defeate the "natrural" approach wouldnt it ;-)