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Whats the best remedy for infant constipation? (natural) thank you


You may decide to take your child to a pediatrician and look for possible cause of constipation. If s/he is bottle fed, they may become constipated as these formulas can’t be digested as well as breast milk, especially soy formulas.
I reckon that you should have it checked because your child may have some anatomical problems with low gastrointestinal tract obstruction.

As for natural cures, you may try giving your child fruit juices like apple juice and fruits like apricots and prunes, peaches, plums, pears and veggies like spinach and peas. They can loose the stool and help with constipation. You should give him/her these only if s/he is older than four moths.

You may also want to try to massage your baby’s stomach in clockwise direction making circles in the navel area or give him/her a warm bath.

A pediatrician may advise other methods or foods depending on your child’s condition.