I am a 26 yo female with a range of non-specific symptoms but I am so tired of not getting any answers from Doc's! Please help. For the past 2 years I have gredually felt sicker and sicker. I feel tired, muscle weakness, nauseous and have frequent headaches. There was a point where my headaches were so bad that I was put on heavy medication to basically sedate me. It did work and for a time I felt a bit better. But now I still feel sick and I have some new symptoms. My BP is always around 120/80. Over the past 12 months it has slowly started to decline averaging around 102/60. The last two weeks I noticed that I was pretty dizzy and lightheaded when changing positions from sitting to standing. At times I would be so dizzy that my vision was blurry with circles and I would have to brace myself. I checked my blood pressure and it was as low as 93/56. Also it feels like I am getting choked on my neck. A throbbing sensation on both sides. I was totally freaked out by this and have been checking my BP every day now a few times a day and it is going from 103/63 to 118/90. Please help me find out what is wrong! I am so lost. About 8 months ago I had blood work and an MRI and everything was fine. I was just thinking it was in my head but these last symptoms are really freaking me out. PLEASE HELP!!!