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I am a 26yo female with a range of non-specific symptoms. About 2 years ago I started feeling overall sick on a daily basis. Fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, headaches. About a year ago I started getting headaches on a daily basis to the point where they would make me throw up. I saw a neurologist who did blood work and an MRI. The results came back normal but I was still sick. He put me on a drug that stopped the headaches but basically made me a vegtable. I did start to feel better but slowly started feeling sick again. The other problem I have is my BP. I have always had around 120/80 but the last 12 months it has started to decrease averaging around 102/60. The last two weeks I have been very dizzy and lightheaded when changing positions. I took my BP and it was 93/53. The other thing is that my neck is throbbing on both sides. It feels like I am being choked. I have been totally freaked out so I have been taking my BP several times a day with it going from 102/60-118/90. Is there something wrong with me? Am I crazy! Please help.


I would certainly get my free T3 thyroid levels checked as well as TOP and Tgb antibodies to see if you have Hashimotos.  The tired, HA, and low BP would all indicate hypothyroid and the throbbing neck may indicate the autoimmune condition.  Most doctors will want only to check TSH, but often times this will not reveal thyroid problems.  You have to get a free T3, TPO and Tgb in order to be conclusive.  You can order test without a doctor's order through various labs online.  How are your body temperatures?  If they run low then this is another indicator.

Doctors can suck when it comes to thyroid problems and totally miss the boat, however there is a silent epidemic of thyroid problems going on and your symptoms are classic.