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My daughter is 6 years old. 5 days ago, I noticed that her left upper eyelid is slightly swollen. When I checked her, I noticed that she also have an enlarged lymph node on the left side of her neck. No fever at the time.
Next day, the symptoms continue the same. So I took her to the doctor. He checked he said It could be a virus infection. Gave us an eye drop.
Later that evening she started to get fever. Today for 3 days, she continue having fever and the same swollen eyelid and enlarged lymph node.
Her eye is not red and is not watering at all. She also does not complain of any pain in her eye. What could this be


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Sounds like roseola to me, an infection caused by herpes virus but it is not dangerous. Some of the most common symptoms are rash, fever, swollen eyelids, diarrhea, poor appetite, irritability, etc
It is very common in children and is rarely serious. The only complications may occur because of the high fever. It goes away in a few days. It may appear at any time of the year. The treatment consists of bed rest, fever reducing medications and clear fluids.
However, it is contagious and may be spread contact with an infected person's respiratory secretions or saliva, by sharing the same cups.

You may decide to see a doc right away to see what it really is or watch for the symptoms and see a doc if the temperature rises.


Hi there I am reading your posts about this interesting topic and I have to say that my friend's daughter had a swollen eyelid For me as a parent caring about my children is the most important thing in a life. My friend go to hospital with her and doctors told him that an issue is not dangerous, but they gave them some creme and told them that she has eat more healthier, actually to change her diet, because problem was probably due to low immunity. She started feeling better in few days and problem was completely resolved in two weeks



my son started out with a small red rash on his upper lid now it has spread over his entire upper lid and the crease of his eye which burns him a little and is somewhat swollen



My daughter is 4.5 yrs old and tuesday morning i noticed her right eye lid was a bit swollen and and then during the day her left eye also looked different. before going to sleep she was a warmer, then at 3:30 am wednesday she was too hot her temperture was 102.

I gave her Tylenol children cold which has antiastemine in it too. 1 teaspoon.

the next day (wednesday) she had fever too and i gave her tylenol every 4 hours and 5 hours.

On thursday i took her to doctor, doctor said no infection but her tonsils look swollen. He gave eyedrops GARAMYCIN (2 DROPS EACH EYE 3 TIMES A DAY) and 50 mg antibiotics NOVAMOXIN 5ML 3 TIMES A DAYnd .

I gave her eyedrops starting thursday since 5pm
Ans syrup antibiotics starting friday 10 am , as doctor said wait&see for couple of days and start syrup.

Now right now its sat morning 5 am.
i woke her up and gave Tylenol children cold 1 teaspoon. at 2:30 am.
(Last tylenol before that about 11 hours ago 3:30pm friday afternoon.)
as she was hot , did not measure her temperature as she was sleeping.

I wsanted to know how is your daughter feeling now, has she recovered?
if so how long it took her to recover , any advice you would like to give me.

dec., 16, 2006


For the past five days I've had a fever averaging 103. I've constantly had Motrin pumped into me and the fever sometimes went down for like two seconds but nothing permanent. Then today for the first time in awhile I've woken up without a fever! But my eyes are so swollen and I don't understand. I don't know how to tell if your lymph nodes are swollen but I was at the doctor two days ago and he didn't comment on it...I'm 16 unlike everyone else though so I'm at a loss to whats going on.

I'm on the Internet right now searching. I feared Pink Eye when I first saw it...I just saw the movie Knocked Up but I haven't found fever as a symptom of that...


I'm 21 years old, and I have had this problem twice this year already: I get a high fever, 102-103, and during the night it breaks some, and my eyelids swell up. Ibuprofin has brought my fever down pretty well, and my left eyelid is almost normal now, but my right is still rather swollen and somewhat irritating. I've heard that chomomile tea bags placed over the eyelid will bring down the swelling, but I'm allergic to chamomile! Any other ideas? THe last time I ahd this it took me about 3 days to recover.


my son is 7.5yrs old. he has been suffering this prob from the age of 5. whether he has dust allergy, minor fever(99) , flu his eyes start irritating, n then strt swell( upper eye lid) as time passed his lower eye lids also swell now he is facing severe condition his eyes' inside area ( white portion) also start swelling...n the swelling is not the normal..the extreme level of swelling he is facing...what is this for ..n what shud I do forthis prob