I have been taking Concerta for quite some time. My doc wanted to increase the dosage of Concerta, however I was hesitant about taking more amphetamines. So we tried Wellbutrin. I can't say that I feel drastically different in terms of the ADHD than I did prior to starting Wellbutrin; although I have noticed the side effects, dry mouth, headaches, increased sex drive (I'm not complaining about the sex drive.....actually quite the opposite). The Wellbutrin has also seemed to "flatten me out" in terms of emotions and in terms of motivation(Is this the Dopamine reuptake portion?). I am interested in trying Strattera instead of the Wellbutrin, but I would like to know more first. I understand that Strattera affects Norepinephrine rather than Norepinephrine and Dopamine as is the case with Wellbutrin? Do people seem to react more favourably on strattera? What are the side effects like? Will I loose my libido? Anything else I should know about? (FYI Concerta dosage has remained constant through this)

I'd like to get people's honest feedback? Thanks.