In order to increase the number of healthy babies being born, scientists carried out a study that would evaluate the mental and physical health of women during pregnancy and concentrated on the anxiety impact on the pregnant women, their labour and the babies’ health.
The researchers used over 50 relevant studies that had been conducted for the last 39 years. Anxiety was defined as having current levels of anxious symptoms such as tension and worry or a woman's general tendency to become anxious in stressful situations.
After analyzing was finished, researchers concluded that anxiety had no significance over certain complications like having a longer labour or having a low birth weight baby.
However, the risks of pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition which can result in a pregnant woman's blood pressure rising to dangerously high levels, were not taken into account and it is yet not known if anxiety could contribute to the disorder or worsen it.
More work is going to be done on finding the best ways to treat an anxious pregnant woman.