Researchers claim that chicken soup can be used in detection of an aggressive form of breast cancer called HER2. This HER2 is one of the family genes that help regulate the growth and proliferation of human cells. Normal cells have two copies of this gene but about 25% of breast cancers have multiple copies of the gene which results in overproduction of HER2 protein which stimulates tumors to grow fast and are very difficult to treat in a subset of breast cancer patients.

Experts said that patients who suffer from this type of breast cancer can be treated with a monoclonal antibody called trastuzumab that targets and inhibits the growth of tumor cells with higher than normal levels of protein HER2. However treatment has some adverse side effects and it’s important to screen those patients who would benefit from it by testing them for one or both of the two relevant biomarkers. Bad thing is that existing tests for these biomarkers can show false positives and it results in some women getting treatment that can be risky and can’t help them.

Results of the study concluded that improvement in sensitivity to HER2 biomarker was about 50%. Experts claim that chicken antibody to HER2 reacts strongly with the target protein and it ignores other proteins in human body that can interfere with current tests used for diagnosing breast cancer.