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Yerp im 5 weeks, and sadly i let my anxiety control most of my lifel
Im active in Therapy, but it would be nice to get others opinions on this, just so i dont feel alone and dying.

My anxiety has always been really bad, right now, its usually just making my feel like passing out, constant worrying, cant climb stairs, everything seems to get darker, i start to shake really bad, and its really hard to fall asleep because my legs will twitch, so bad and ill start hyperventiating. Is this just my anxiety or do you think theres some more problems? Im scared of having seizures and losing control.

I just wanted to know some tips of handling anxiety and pregnancy at the same time, i will obviously go get medical help, but sometimes an outsiders point of view is more helpful ^^


Sadly, without much more info- I can't comment too deeply. What kind of therapy (psychodynamic, cbt, counselling, coaching, etc) are you in and how long have you been in therapy? Are you on any kind of medication for it? Or have you stopped any kind of medication since finding out you were pregnant?

The 'passing-out' feelings, things getting darker, shaking badly & trouble sleeping are also symptoms of dodgy blood pressure- especially in the early stages of pregnancy. They may not be connected to your anxiety, but will no doubt cause you more anxiety- hence more anxiety symptoms! It's a big circle.

Yes- get medical help; the heightened anxiety symptoms are more than likely to be low blood pressure. And the more you worry about having seizures, the more anxious you'll get! You won't loose control- you're pregnant! Welcome to the world of your unpredictable body! Expect crying for no reason, anger for no reason, sore boobs, legs, bum, tingling/burning skin, thinning hair, growth of hair in unusual places....oh and lots and lots more anxiety- especially from the moment your child is born until the day you die!

Welcome to motherhood- don't blink, because you'll miss it.



I have been in therapy for about a year and a half now, i was taking both Prozac and Buspiar for my anxiety and depression originally, but was advised to stop both immediately, once finding out i was pregnant.

And yes, i did notice that, i try to get out and enjoy life as much as possible but theres so much holding me back! And i want to be the best possible mother, so its all just a big mess!

I am also wicked depressed about all of this, i am so happy about being a mother, but then there are also those worrying concerns that come back to haunt me, like fear of misscarriage, fear of not being able to provide for my kid, fear of just all out losing it because of my anxiety.
Its hard to function with these things always on my mind

Is there any tips i can use to help cope with the bad anxiety?


How are you finding therapy? Have you noticed any positive or negative changes since starting it a year ago? Your therapist should be able to advise you on some anxiety-deflecting strategies, especially if you're recieving CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy).

I think your biggest problem may be that you are putting expectations on yourself; you are instantly taking on the worries of "Will I be a good mother?". We all have them. Being a mother comes hand-in-hand with doubting every move you make. Yet through it all, you have to trust yourself- you have to trust that you have what it takes. No one is the perfect parent- no matter how much they claim they are. Children are not born with manuals, so we have to trust our instinct....or baby books!

The prime factor is that you WANT to be the best possible mother- so you will be. Good mothers put their children's welfare, safety and wants before their own. If you can do that, then you'll be absolutely fine! And remember- your child will love you unconditionally, just for being there, so anxiety or no anxiety- your child won't see any imperfections in you.

I can give you tips, but can't guarantee that they'll work; everyone's different.

Anxiety is the physical and psychological manifestation of fear, so first look at what you're scared of. When does the anxiety mostly appear at it's worse? I'm going to guess- when you feel out of control of situations around you. A factor of anxiety is a set of looming maladaptive thought processes. That is, when something triggers an anxiety attack (something you have no control over), your mind heightens the consequences and possible outcomes to the situation. It doesn't remain logical or realistic.  

A couple of tips:

(1) Shopping and task lists. Keep organised and plan, especially financially- not only does it help you keep in control of certain areas of your life, but organisation can be a good anxiety deflection as you can run through shopping lists & tasks lists when you feel an impending anxiety attack. The purpose of reciting a list in your head keeps your mind focused on something else other than the attack. A good feeder for anxiety attacks is the fact that we keep thinking about it and worrying that we will lose control. If you focus on something else, chances are the attack will peter off and not reach a high point.

(2) As cheesy as it sounds- Relaxation techniques. Aromatherapy is a wonderfully relaxing and non-toxic way to relieve anxiety. In a burner, as a candle, in the bath or dried and in a bag or pouch, Lavender is known for its relaxing & stress relieving properties. At the start of an attack, take some deep breaths of the scent and try to regulate your breathing. Not only will the Lavender have an effect, but the fact that you are regulating your breathing will help. And visualisation can help too- perhaps visualising a favourite place, person or situation. Visualisation doesn't work for everyone, but for those that is does work for- it can be a very good attack deflection. 

Good Luck.





dont think about it as anxiety and negativity.. just think about it as your hormones.. and that after a few months you will be a mother.. i also have anxiety (GAD).. and i feel pregnancy symptoms (just symptoms) but feeling the frequent shaking and heart pounding and cramping.. i still keep in mind.. if ever i will be pregnant i have to be extra strong so that i will have the most beautiful baby ever.. just stay positive.. dont let the anxiety control you.. i know it sounds so easy and it is not.. stay with the people who love you.. so the happy thoughts will come more easily :)


i'm 21years old, i have been diagnosed as a person with general anxiety disorder and panic attacks, have been taking medicine to keep me calm, my period have always been EXTREMELY painful, in ways that i can't get out of my bed for the whole day without taking pain relievers..

i have wanted a baby since i was 18, and can't stop thinking about having one, but i always avoid my boyfriend from cumming inside, because he wants us to be stable first, and i respect that..

my boyfriend and i have sex everytime we see each other, we don't use condom, but he withdraws..

the last 3months my period changed..
january: no pains mostly brown discharge
february: 1st day pain reddish for 1day then brownish for 3
-high fever the day before
-cramps all over my body the day before
-4days too early
-lil bit painful 1st day
-reddish for 2days brownish for 3days

what i have been feeling for the last 3months:
-fast and hard pounding of the heart
-losing alot of weight fast
-eating still plenty
-sensitive to food and smells
-threw up 3x in feb. (normally i dont throw up at all)
-regular cramping in my stomach
-lowerback pains

i have been reading about women being pregnant eventhough theyre still having their menstruation..

can anyone give me advice.. im alil worried that i am actually pregnant not for the sake of me (because i would love to have a baby) but for the sake of my boyfriend and our instabilities.. hope for any advice..