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Hello, I have type 2 diabetes and I'm pregnant. I'm concerned about pregnancy weight gain. As compared to women who don't have diabetes and are pregnant, should I gain less weight or more weight to have a healthy pregnancy. I'm about 30 pounds over weight normally and it seem like I'm gaining a lot of weight rapidly. I'm getting to the end of my second trimester and I feel like an elephant. Gee, I need some here. Anyone have any suggestions about the weight thing not only for me but my baby as well. Anything you can tell me will be helpful I'm sure. Thanks.


Basically it is known that women with type 2 diabetes are obese. I don't think there are any particular recommendations about weight gain during pregnancy if you are type 2. It seems like there would be but I don't think it has been studied to any extent in clinical trials. Haven't got a clue as to why because it seems like that would be important to know. There was a study that looked at gestational weight gain in women with type 2 who gained more weight then the recommended amount for someone not diabetic and the research reports that there was a higher probability of the infants being larger than normal, which in turn required a cesarean delivery. This study suggested that a type 2 women should gain somewhere between 0-5 kg in total during pregnancy to prevent larger fetal formation.


High blood sugar levels cross the placental barrier which leads to hyperinsulinemia which in turn stimulates body growth. Women with diabetes type 2 also have hypertriglyceridemia driving greater body growth. These factors increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, premature delivery, C section and neonatal mobidity. In other words, you need to keep your weight gain to a minimum and it certainly would help if you were not obese when you got pregnant. For your sake and the babies.