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Hi everyone, I've had diabetes type 1 most of my life and now I'm pregnant. What about T1 diabetes and pregnancy? I'm beginning to read about pregnancy and T1 and somewhat confused. I'm to understand that there are a number of complications that can happen in pregnancy especially with T1. Is there anyone out there that has T1 diabetes and pregnant. Will you tell me about your experiences and any problems you've had and how you took care of that. My mom hasn't been too helpful with this. She doesn't think I should of gotten pregnant in the first place. I don't understand her comment because didn't she give me this disease? Does she not know that. Oh well, we don't get along very well anyway. This information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hello, sorry to hear you don't get along with you mom. This is a time of life she could really be helpful if she wanted to. Bite that bullet and bear it. Having type 1 is generally more serious that type 2. Both have the possibility of developing retinopathy without being pregnant, however pregnancy makes it more likely. The most important thing to maintain your health and your baby health it to manage you blood glucose levels religiously. Stick to your diet and exercise according to what your doctor says and you should be fine. Your well being is oriented around your sugar levels not only for you but your babies. You also need to worry about your weight gain. You need to keep it to a minimum otherwise you risk having a larger baby than normal that is born premature requiring a C section. Pre-eclampsia is also a possibility. What's probably more frightening is you a greater possibility of retinopathy which is highly undesirable. Barring any other medical complications you may have, this can be avoided if you have good control of your blood sugar levels. You take care of that and you should be fine. I wish the best of luck with your pregnancy.