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Trade in your marathon records for a jump in the mud and you'll never want go back. Tough Mudder typically comes near big cities once a year, so finding similar competitions around your hometown can assure you to feed your addiction all year long.

Are you addicted to Tough Mudder? If you have no idea what Tough Mudder is but think you're tough and don't mind the taste of mud in the morning, you'll love Tough Mudder. Those who enjoy challenging themselves beyond lapping aimless swimmers in the community pool will love Tough Mudder. People who get bored running at a snails pace in a marathon or holiday 5k and want to splash in some rock n' roll will love Tough Mudder! As the active population grows older and away from their glory days of high school football or collegiate athletic careers, they itch for a venue to continue their glory. Tough Mudder is the glorious venue the weekend warriors turn to for a thrill, some mud and maybe a complimentary celebratory beer (if you're 21 years of age).

Why Are Competitors Addicted?

Weekend warriors are addicted to these types of events for the unique set of challenges that manage to push the human body in ways your typical marathon or Tough Man competition cannot. Races run a length of 10-14 miles (depending on the number of obstacles and terrain). At no point during a Tough Mudder are you running on even ground toward more even ground that leads to more even ground. You're climbing hills, sliding down the other side, jumping in trenches of water waist high in the middle of the woods adding pounds of water weight to your attire with extremely difficult tasks to complete between. It is not uncommon hearing runners or weightlifters tell tales of becoming stale in their exercise regimens and begin skipping workouts, putting off runs and eventually giving up on the weekend events all together. Once you begin preparing for a Tough Mudder and complete one to watch them pack up and head to the next town will leave you withdrawing and thirsty for more muddy water.

How To Supplement Until The Next Tough Mudder

Its simple: sign up for similar races. Diversifying your competition portfolio only makes you that much more awesome, right? There are several obstacle-based events popping up all across the world, filling calendars like mud between your teeth. In fact, some Tough Mudder competitors may have found their way via hearsay and conversing with competitors of other events.

Run For Your Lives Zombie Race

Here you go "The Walking Dead" fans, its your turn to tackle the apocalypse! Or run from it, I suppose. This obstacle-based race is just like Tough Mudder - along with some hungry zombies. This event may even be a good warm-up for potential Tough Mudder runners since it is typically the length of a 3k or 5k. Volunteers signup to portray zombies and chase the paying participants. As you navigate your way through the race you'll find some areas swamped with zombies and others less dense. Obstacles are nearly the same as Tough Mudder with mud pits and pools of brown water. Runners are equipped with flags that the zombies attempt to steal, suggesting they were "bitten."

Those who are jokingly defiant towards running because they aren't being chased by someone wouldn't have an excuse not to "run for their lives" in this horror themed race!


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